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Thread: T J Booty

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    Talking T J Booty

    Ethical Subversive Corrugation The Finish.. I Made That Nameless.. Admirable.. Clean Splash.. A Ramification.. Or Spin Off Worn At Once Unlikely .. Devoid .. Lifting Weights. . And Falling Down Ordinary .. A Miracle Artificial.. Supervision .. Not A Supporter.. Humiliating .. In Quietness.. Emaciated... Terminology Time.. Asserting.. Many Precepts.. In Firmness Should I Worsen And Speed Hyperboles.. It Was Abuse.. I Left It.. With Self Denial .. For A Determined Year ... You See Her And Then You Dont ...the Inside Of A Blunt ... Abloom .. I Carry On .. Not To Be Shy .. Like That .. It HasnŽt Gone Away Some Smoke.. A Cat That Catches Mice.. The Selective Ankle Around In Water .. Easy And Irresponsible .. Cascading My Back.. A Spice.. New Apparel.. Achieving Gamut.. This Can Be Fun And Prattle. .. Its Atrocious.. A Pilot.. Floating Off My Seat.. So Heavy .. Yet Good Morning.. Good Afternoon... How Affecting.. Who Signifies.. Raging .. Immeasurable.. Masterful .. Medley... A Medal.. So Labyrinth.. Matrimony.. Two Stoners... Therapeutic ... Magnificent.. I Rouse .. Visits.. Surprise . ... Mindful.. Quite Rough.. My Mass Will Drop.. Inviting.. Your Scowl.. A Swear ..... House 1 And House 2

    Part 1 And Part 2 They Never Stop.. Why Should I Be Quiet.. The Greats Are Born.. Everything Else For You.. I Hate.. When It Drops.. So I Pick It Up.. Everywhere.. A Good Feeling.. To Go In You.. . Rub Then Slap.. Go In You And Pause.. Skin.. With Your .. Lotion.. To Make It Better .. Just To Make It Better.. Excited As When You Know Something.. I Cant Tell.. I Go To The Back.. I Was Looking At Your Ass.. A Beep .. A Wrong Call.. You Can Go Outside.. And Feel My Vest.. What I Take.. Those Eyes .. Some Lips.. My Big Butt.. Come Back Around.. You Like It.. I Like It.. Suck On My Neck... IŽll Still Be Around.. They Threw A Brick Through The Window..

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    interesting joint but wheres your structure, no stanzas, no verses huh..........................

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