I go to the top and still find time to elavate,
Cause there are Mc's I decimate,
Microphone penetrate,
Ready to celabrate come quick cause I'm never late,
It's not the way I live or die that counts,
It's the way I keep the money flowing and the honeys on the bounce,
I'm not a trouble maker I'm a renegade puzzle breaker,
The earth shaker cause I'm like an earthquaker through the eqator,
The money taker I put the money in the bank,
Cause we like bullets and 5o cent like blanks,
The only Banks he's got is Lloyd,
And he get destroyed with a cap and 50 hiding up his ass crack,
Well that's a diss I guess it is, so what if I flow hot,
Saying that he owns cops 50 you done blown cock,
Yuor daddy's coming cumming at the air base,
Ghostface Ma$ed 50 Cent down the staircase,
I know I shock the house what's the deal,
I got so much skill ladies know I thrill twisting like a drill,
Sit back and chill, dun,
Cause this ain't childs play so why you acting like children,