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Thread: Monster Madness..........the End Is Near (SHEEP + BRONZE)

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    Default Monster Madness..........the End Is Near (SHEEP + BRONZE)


    It's Sheepish The Lord of Chaos whoopee do!!!!!
    emcees catch a case when they see the monster awaken like “Frankenstein”/
    rappers begin to rewind and say “It's Alive!”
    what the fuck did you expect the resurrection of “respect”/
    check the Mon-Star stomping through your yard for nada, nothing , nathan
    suffocating rappers wit sulfur and ash shatter their microphones like glass/
    crash through the gate of the castle
    break the manifold leave the lever broke/
    get cha ass dead quick once you get bit by “Dracula”
    I ejaculate thoughts thinking this “Werewolf” ain't got no Intel/
    it's pretty sad when you get “Mummy” wrapped up in this “Cycle of Life”
    first we're gotta strike, terrorize the town killing all then men and fugly women/
    see the townspeople discriminate
    against me like The Hulk, Naruto & Garra/
    what a horror when i got shunned i got gun-ho throwing folks
    thinking this is an amusement park ride no i take out republics/
    once i manifest myself as a threat i double down bets
    thinking when “Chaos Smash” you'll be crashing like hard drives
    slaughtering houses wit swords, darts, lasers next to Michael Myers I'm a mute/
    if you can compute i can compete if you can rap i can rip rippers n jackers
    out their factors showing them divide simply as fractions/
    delete them like formulas, problems and equations
    take the dark side and realize my dreams are a far side/
    hollow out cha brains like a Jack O' Lantern
    cats panic and think they “NEXT” when I “Room Raid” cha/
    you'll be ended faster than a generic slasher flick better think quick
    i don't run i stalk walk leaving you frightened like you just struck by a bolt of lighting/
    I'm not fully vaudevillian I'm just misunderstood never Quasi got my motor running
    leaving most rappers bitten and dead by the teeth of “Jaws” I am that “RAW”/

    it's the monster and the mad scientist
    spitting some horror survival shit
    you better run quick
    you better think quick
    this ain't no generic slasher flick
    we coming for the head bitch
    we not dying we just keep rewinding
    coming back for more we get RAW


    Welcome to my labrotory, this is quite an exciting story
    sit back and listen, its about to get gory/
    history has spoke of a evil genius, horrible things created
    diseases, monsters rebirthed like a phoenix, believe it/
    scientifically, the creation of his last creature viciously
    horrifyed the whole city, every night no insight to there plight
    they had enough took a stand started a fight/
    not a smart move to his delight, they rushed em
    he crush em no substance
    in an instance the whole scene was twice as intense
    body lie hanging on a fence
    fire consumed roofs, sounds of a few horse hoofs
    smell a terrible stench, in town square
    sat the genius, pipe smoking on a bench
    his weapon of destruction around was left nothin
    laughin the mad scientist keeps puffin
    as the beast keeps crushin
    the village keeps rushin
    soon its over and done with
    no leash the Sheep has been released
    the mad scientist Bronze Feet
    sharp stomps to face with cleets

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    ejaculate thoughts-

    the mad scientist keeps puffin-

    h ha-

    the Section is $


    'Forked tongue make painful kisses...........and fam, when you talk, then the angels listen.'

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    Peace WAP

    this is a tribute to Halloween btw its Devil's Night watch for those CREEPS


    Peace to Sheep as well

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