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Thread: My Place ...

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    Talking My Place ...

    Take A Trip .. Through .. Revolution.. Boulevard... Towards.. 1st Street.. Park Your Car.. It Is Safe.. 2 Stories.. Leave.. Start Walking The Streets.. Liquors.. Lights.. Clubs.. Women.. Taco Stands .. In Every Corner.. But One.. Cross The Street.. This Intersection.. Quite.. Busy.. Head West.. Yes.. No Music.. A Twelve Dollar Line Up .. The Size .. Eight.. Disappearing.. What Size .. Is It.. Let Me Say.. Lotion.. Is All Over Me.. No Time For Games.. That Sounded .. Nice... Shaved.. An X - Man.. Wolverine.. Is No More.. The Mirror Broke.. I Threw It Out The Window.. I Slid ... Through The Window.. Flying.. Kim Kardashian.. On My Mind.. Either Curve.. Or Armani.. Here Is My Phone.. Number.. My Birthday.. Was Last Week.. I'm Twenty- Four.. Now.. Its Been There.. Since.. 1952 .. Or 1962 .. Even Old Roasted... Chicken ..! Your Paladin .. . It Has A Likeness.. Of A Lady With A Long Dress.. On A Rock.. Something.. Smells Like Feet.. Smile.. I Have .. My I.d. .. A Red Light Through The Curtain.. What You Descry.. To Those .. Who Don't Drink.. If You Would Be High.. Your Eyes.. Would Open.. I Hit Your Back.. It Is The Space.. To Be.. ! It Is Dark.. But There Is Light.. An Open.. Bar.. On The Inside.. Bartenders.. And Waiters.. Busy.. Seats.. All Around.. There Is A Dancefloor.. Small Like Little People.. With A Stripper Pole.. >> Some Dance. But Most Are Seated.. Looking Around.. I'm Going To Take A Look.. There Are 2 Bars.. A Correction.. One In The Middle.. And One To The Right.. What A Dummy .. The One In The Middle .. Is Round.. The Other ... Is An Unvaried.. One.. Relax.. Suck In My Stomach..>> Eyes.. Are Unmatched.. I'm Finished.. Some.. Attitude.. How Very Winning.. Attires .. Include.. Skirts.. Happy... Jeans.. Thongs.. Fish Nets.. My Dad Got A Taste There.. It Will Cost You.. But It Is Past Worth It.. Let Me Bespeak.. There Are.. Dollars .. For You.. ! .. Ugly Ones .. Pretty Faced.. Ones.. . Ugly.. Faced.. Big Bootys .. Or K F S Butter Faces.. Vast Ones.. You Know I Mean Dimes.. Ghetto Bootys.. Numb .. And Dump.. Tall Ones.. Short Ones.. Light Ones.. Dark Ones.. Chunky Ones.. And Even Old... Think Of Your Grandma.. If You Stay Looking.. You Get Hit Up.. I Like That.. So Watery.. This Place.. Is A Landmark... The Existence... Expect .. To Bust.. Or If You Look Like Me.. You Also Get Smoked.. Out.. . << My Choice.. Is Dark.. Getting My Feels.. In Mexico.. I Am A Pimp.. It Is Very.. Expressive.. A Little Secret.. You Get Both.. Nothing.. Feels.. More Better.. Than To Be Here.. And Do Things.. That Other .. People.. Who Think You Wouldn't .. Do.. . ! In Consideration.. They In Lingo.. I Feel Sad For You.. For All Of You.. Except.. One.. Signaling.. Look Superior.. To You.. .. Who In November.. Or December .. I Titty Fucked .. Should I Ask.. I Am That Strength.. A Staple.. Without A Gun.. I Have Never Been On A Horse..

    I'll Do Your Sister.. -------- !
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    Quote Originally Posted by MOUSER WORDS View Post
    If you would be high
    Your eyes would open
    I hit your back
    It is the space to be!
    It is dark but there is light
    An open bar on the inside
    Bartenders and Waiters
    Busy seats all around
    There is a dancefloor
    Small like little people
    With a stripper pole.
    Interesting part...

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