Word on the street is that the new studio album entitled "NASDAQ Dow Jones" may be released as early as this summer.

Nas is known for dropping albums in the late fall and winter and years apart at times so rumors of the summer relase of a new album may be premature. Heres the new tracklist circulating the internet at this time:

Nas - NASDAQ Dow Jones Album Tracklist unofficial

01. Wake Up New York (Intro)
02. Bullet X
03. What's Good NY
04. We Were Gangstas (featuring Scarface)
05. Mexico
06. QB Savages (featuring Bravehearts)
07. Polo and Guess
08. Unauthorized Biography of KRS-ONE
09. The Nasty One
10. Seed of Sekou
11. Legendary
12. Rebel to America
13. Hallie Selassie
14. Moon (featuring Kelis)
15. Talk of NY - (bonus track)
Seems legit since he had an Unauthorized Bio of Rakim on his last CD. Bullet X seems to be the 50 diss kinda like he had the massive jay-z diss as track #2 on Stillmatic. Hopefully that one is just as vicious if not more so than Ether.