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Thread: Comic Book Discussion Thread

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    i just read it and loved it...great dialogue, great art, weirdness...i hope the book keeps it up...i dug everything about it, even the little class program at the back of the book...really good, fresh's like the offspring of the morisson x-men and the 90s lobdell/bachalo generation x series.

    i don't see anything else that came out this week being as good honestly...bachalo's art was so excellent and stylish...especially onthe pages with tons of panels focusing on facial expressions. he's a true cartoonist...i'm shocked at how good this issue was.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pandemic View Post
    way too much shit

    Todd McFarlane Spider-Man Omnibus (50% off wtf)
    Aquaman 1,2
    Flash 2
    FF 11
    Journey Into Mystery 630
    Venom 8
    JL Dark 2
    Daredevil 5
    I, Vampire 2
    Wolvie and the X-Men 1
    Hulk 1
    Spidey 672
    Astonishing X-Men 43
    All Star Western 2
    Red Wing 4
    Spaceman 1 (shit was $1.00 and looks boss as hell)

    Time to get reading!

    Spent almost $100 even with discount...don't go to the comic store high with extra cash.

    yeah wtf happened there...i can think of a bigger drop off in quality though...batman and robin #17.
    Wow that's a big pull list!! Great deal on the McFarlane omnibus! It's definitely one on my wish list! Arg I didn't see DD at the shop, I'll have to go back!

    I also really enjoyed Wolvie and X-Men. I thought Aquaman was good too, not as good as the first issue but still entertaining.

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    How was Daredevil and Astonishing X-Men?

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    Today I got detective#3, Swamp Thing#3, Animal Man#3, Uncanny #1, Action#3. almost got Batman Noel but decided to wait on it.

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    ^I leafed through that at the shop and read some of the pages...awesome art, really cringeworthy writing, though...and can people stop riffing on "a christmas carol"? shit's beyond played out.

    I bought Infinite Vacation #3, Swamp Thing #3, Animal Man #3, Uncanny #1, Action #3, Mystic #4, ASM #673, Seven Warriors #1 (more Francis Manapul!)

    still haven't even read all the shit I bought last week...Astonishing X-Men was OK, Hulk was OK, Spidey, DD, and Flash were awesome.

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    So this week I picked up JL#3, Batman#3, Punisher#5, and I took a bit of a plunge and bought the current issues of Ultimates(1-3) and the new Ultimate Spiderman (#1-5).

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    Hey Guys,

    Check out my new website devoted to comics:

    Any feedback would be appreciated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 9th Chamber View Post
    So this week I picked up JL#3, Batman#3, Punisher#5, and I took a bit of a plunge and bought the current issues of Ultimates(1-3) and the new Ultimate Spiderman (#1-5).
    I was thinking about doing with that with the new ultimate spidey, but they're too expensive and too little happens for 20 bucks for 5 issues...i could buy a tpb or a novel or something so fuck it.

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    and the best reboot of the year goes to...........

    daredevil. lol

    so after a few months, which dc titles are you sticking with? which ones are you gonna send packing?
    aquaman is a big budget action movie of a read. good stuff.
    animal man is very unique. art & story wise.

    but im checking out of demon knights. read the last issue & felt like i didnt read anything. no real story progression.

    also, wanna recommend the marvel limited series "mystery men". it takes place in the 1920's during the depression. you've seen the lost heroes of yesteryear thing before, but the art on this book really impressed me. great look for the characters.

    and punishermax is ending at like issue #22?!?!?!?!?

    "Fuck Wu Tang Corp" - The GZA/Genius

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    ^^ Yea DD has been great since it's relaunch! You should also check out the regular Punisher title since it's relaunch has been great as well.

    The DC titles I'll be sticking with are: Aquaman, Batman, Detective, JL, Animal Man, Flash, and GL. Maybe Swamp Thing as well haven't quite decided on it yet.

    Any feedback on my new website guys?

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    what are you all top 10 favorite comic books?

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    Todd McFarlane Spider-Man Omnibus (50% off wtf)

    is this any good

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    ^I haven't read it yet (well I mean Ive read a few issues of his run when I was a little kid, but the majority of it is new to me...I haven't even really looked at the Jim Lee X-Men Omnibus yet)

    I finally got caught up on all the DC books, and I'm sticking with: Batman, Batman and Robin, Batwoman, Animal Man, Swamp Thing, Flash, and Wonder Woman. There was a ton of books that I want to like or that have good artwork, but the writing is shit/too 'decompressed'.

    LOL@ Uncanny X-Men #2...fucking awful...this is the same dude that writes Journey Into Mystery? I'll stick with X-Force and Wolverine and the X-Men.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pandemic View Post
    I'll stick with X-Force and Wolverine and the X-Men.
    goddamn right. i get the wolverine solo book too.

    animal man is really good. i was thinking about wonder woman.
    jl dark is beating around the fucking bush.
    "Fuck Wu Tang Corp" - The GZA/Genius

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