Hi wuCorp!

I was in a meeting for the past hour or so with my boss and the human resources girl. All was going good but all of a sudden she started giggling. She whispered something to my boss and I assumed it was just about work and he started laughing too.

I am a very serious businessman and took offence to this. I wondered why were they laughing what did I do! I thought I had something on my face or between my teeth and it made me really self concious.

They continued with the meeting and she just burst out laughing again.

I stood up for myself and demanded to know what was funny! She tried to control her laughter but couldn't, then my boss said "you look like a pidgeon".

I was hurt, I am a good worker and they insult my looks because I look like a pidgeon? I'm very attractive in my eyes and it hurt my self esteem, so I left work early and am now at home. I think i'm going to quit.

Do I look like a pidgeon?