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Thread: Gnetic Ghost Ninja...

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    Default Gnetic Ghost Ninja...


    1st Graveyard Shifter
    2nd Sun tzu, Tha Soul Controllah

    beat by Gneticz.......check it out & leave some feedback


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    Default Re: Gnetic Ghost Ninja...

    damn..this shit is dusty..

    pz Gods..
    -The Process

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    Default Re: Gnetic Ghost Ninja...

    All good, I love both the verses, and the beats sounds hot too.

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    Default Re: Gnetic Ghost Ninja...

    damn! this is great, i'm loving the beat on this as well. graveyard shifter was spitting fire as usual and sun tzu also came very nice on here. keep up the good work, i'm feeling this


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    Default Re: Gnetic Ghost Ninja...

    haha gneticz drops one of his crazy beats again, sick shit. Peace

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