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Thread: Suge Knight Pinned For Stolen Masters

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    Default Suge Knight Pinned For Stolen Masters

    Global Music Group (GMG) has now informed their Trustee on claims of ex-Death Row Records owner Marion “Suge” Knight and Carl “Butch” Small holding stolen master recordings and videos in their possession.

    Michael J. Collesano Esq., General Counsel of GMG, filed a Declaration with the LA Bankruptcy Court on the claim last week.

    Over the past weekend, Collesano received a phone call from an unidentified woman who claimed to be romantically involved with Carl “Butch” Small and a colleague of the Death Row Records mogul himself.

    The women, whose identity was later revealed in court, stated that Small told her – between the periods of 2001 and 2005, Knight had removed various master recordings, videos and other material from the Death Row Records catalog to “get it gone.”

    The case was led into further investigation on October 2, 2008 where Deputy Christopher Schmidt of the Livingston County Sheriff’s Department found black boxes containing master recordings and video footage.

    “It would stand to reason that Suge and Carl would have taken the cream of the crop if they intended to hide these recordings,” the Deputy stated.

    “Global Music Group of Delaware has arranged financing to acquire the assets and stands ready to acquire the record label once the Trustee identifies the inventory to a certainty. In fact, on September 19, 2008 we [GMG] submitted a bid that we hope the trustee will consider at the time, but our purchase will require proper due diligence.”

    During the telephone conversation, the alleged ex-girlfriend also stated that she may have more master recordings in her possession and would like to return it to the proper authorities.

    All of the recordings and video footage have been confiscated and are currently in the hands of the Livingston Country Sheriff’s Department.

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