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Thread: Hasn't this week been different?

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    Quote Originally Posted by soul controller
    deadly.. welcome, u r seeing more of the real world.

    trygga// ur country was never the 'leader' or the 'top country in the world'

    check who financed ur 1st 20 presidents.. not to mention the next 28, but especially mr franklin.. he studied at oxford . he lived in london and was an mi5 agent..

    just type on the net. on any search dead kids bodies found at ben franklins house in london.. it was all over the press in the early 90/s....

    amerikkka's purpose is almost over.


    yep the country is going to disappear and everyone will forget about it!

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    ehhh, wasnt there also a big hurricane at september 11?

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    shit with all the 9/11 legislature.......looks like we are no better than we were before 9/11.......took BUSH 5 days to even get aid into NEW ORLEANS........what would happen if there was a terrorist attack?................BUSH is fuckin useless, dude took 5 days to even show up
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    i say they start a revolution since they arent getting much help...i hope they keep bustin at cops cause mothafuckas down thier are ignoring alot of people and not helping at all...i bet that would get the army down thier much faster if mothafuckas was trying to take over shit mad max style....the winds of karma have blown unfortunatly it missed bush's ranch...you ask me i think the reason why the response to the hurricane wasnt like when they had desert storms when they outfitted 500,000 troops in one night...the reason behind him not doing what he REALLY can is because of the basic thinking in free masons is they dont care for the "useless eaters" same reason they dont do shit in africa...i pray for a revolution
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