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Thread: Esta Loco.. No Soy Musico

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    Talking Esta Loco..

    Repeat .. Peopleīs Conversations.. A Feature.. Even.. Before My Feast... A Passion... Burning.. The Sense.. Ms. .. I Live In New York.. A String... Feeling .. On Your.. Booty.. You Can Darling.. Me.. So Courageous.. I Donīt Look Like N.o.r.e .. Iīm .. I ... Fetching.... I Hope.. Iīm Fashionable.. So Calm.. Long Beach... Skunk Records.. Tennis Or Badminton.. I Have A Face.. Golf Is This Album.. And This Album.. My Sport.. For Sixty Five.. In Spanish.. Fluster.. Forever Feuds.. Spraying A Spray Can For Deodorant.. A Scare... I Got Scared... On Halloween.. ^^^ A 3rd Bass.. Design.. On My Back... Too Many Stares.. Call Him... We Have The Same White Sox Hat.. Youīll Get Two... How About More... For Fifteen Bucks.. Milwaukee Sucks.. The Finals.. .were.. A Sock.. Letīs Meet At This Place.. A Contentment... Walk Down The Stairs... A Sneak... Club Animale.. Coup Way .. Was.. Texas.. Mariachis.. But O - N - E Down.. Wreckx - N- Effect ... The Track.. Sorry.. To Answer... Youīre Gay... Loneliness.. The... Explanation... Albert ... Alberto... Very Peaceful.. Your Ex.. Blase... A Blue L.a. Hat. .. Like Brooklyn.. New York.. Amsterdam.. Is The Ninth.. Decade. .. Jose Cuervo.. Next Year.. To Be Three Years. . Old.. Take A Scan.. Very Strong.. Pull Me.. ! Pull .. Me.. ! A Pleasant Press.. We Confer... Everybody .. Is Relaxed.. Donīt Sadden... Defended... Beto At Twenty.. Edgar At Nineteen... Or The Present... Shopping... Can Be Blocked.. Off.. Downtown..

    My Rockfall... ... Towards... The Wall.. You Guys.. Were Kind-hearted.. You Have My Love.. Remember When We Would Go Outside.. It Was Fun... Chasing.. Them... Your Things... With All My Heart... Your Tails.. ! Bite Each.. Other Kindly... Whatīs Up...
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    i cannot follow ur flow n lines structure stanzas dude

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