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Thread: The Shining

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    Default The Shining

    Those who glory in their shame will be made known
    behold a story of holy scripture framed in gold is shown
    oh how I adore Thee
    only the lame are slow to atone
    if anyone is without blame then let him aimlessly throw the first stone
    a baby in a manger became grown
    chained, maimed and slain, yet boldly faced the pain to claim His place on the famed throne
    a reign of grace that remains His alone
    faith sustains
    I flame bones that bring pain to brains like Mef in Snake vs. Crane zone
    blade glows vain as Rae and Ghost chains and ice-cold Patron
    fake Cains moan
    an able gangster like Capone and Corleone on pace to have the game sewn
    brace for the chase
    my mindstate rotates like tornadoes and cyclones
    mace sprays infiltrate your nose bone
    stroll straight through your gate once the nailed-spikes in your estate's door is blown
    War is great
    and Peace radiates the instant these patiently explored ideas shone


    'Forked tongue make painful kisses...........and fam, when you talk, then the angels listen.'

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    nice verse son u left me hanging a lil at the end man

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    real nice verse

    War is great
    and Peace radiates the instant these patiently explored ideas shone

    ill line but like sheep said left wanting more, maybe a good thing

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