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Thread: Dope beats by KP

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    Default Dope beats by KP

    whats good?? KP aka Don P is back with some new heat!

    check these beats out!

    -Better tomorrow
    -My crime story
    -Thugs holiday
    -Indian market




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    Default Re: Dope beats by KP

    Daaamn, sick beats.
    Better tomorrow's probably my fav, but they all sound heavy man, props.

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    Default Re: Dope beats by KP

    damn these beats are really nice. i'm feeling all of them, keep up the good work.


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    Default Re: Dope beats by KP

    thank you

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    Default Re: Dope beats by KP

    Feelin them all, especially that Infamous Mobb remix. ! of the best groups ever.

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    Tian Xia
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    Default Re: Dope beats by KP

    kp i've always liked your beats nice production nice style, keep up the good work


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