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Thread: SOB EP free Download!

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    Default SOB EP free Download!

    Its been a while since ive been over here to post but i got a few new tracks for whoever wants to listen. Its not officially 100% done. We dont got a cover yet and im still waitin on a verse from 1 guy to finish off the album but heres 8 done tracks for ya. I got Killah Priest to do a collab wit me (much love), and i gotta thank ERN Dawgy and Maximus Da Mantis for comin thru for me.



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    soundin ill so far fam... ayo thats dope you got down with KP, thats a deadly combo right there... Imma hit u with my thoughts after listenin...

    and u allready know the deal homie, we due up!
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    Dangerous to Dream!!!!!!!


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    Good looks on the EP as i said before. Really feeling the vibes that goes through all tracks. Peace!

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    wordup bout to check this out SO

    ayo by the way did u ever lace that IN A DREAM beat?? lookin forward to hearin that


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    Yo thanx for listenin, Glad u feelin it plex....nemonic. Vamps i never ended up doin that track. Im sure ill get to it soon. I got a lot on my plate now but ill try my hardest.

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    aight-- EP is dope man im feelin it.. track wit priest is iLL, tomahawks and hatchets.. overall good shit


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