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Thread: What songs did Meth an Red perform

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    Default What songs did Meth an Red perform

    Hey this is for anyone that went to see meth an red at there new tour still high
    was wondering what songs they performed

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    Off the top of my head....

    How High [Original]
    How High Part II
    Bring Da Pain
    Grid Iron Rap
    Pick It Up [Remix]
    Fall Out
    Ill Bee Dat
    M-E-T-H-O-D Man
    Shimmy Shimmy Ya
    Brooklyn Zu
    Got Your Money (chorus only)
    Da Rockwilder
    Some slower song about weed, never heard of it
    Time 4 Aksion

    thats all i remember

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    i heard they also did
    tonights the night
    and whats that song that start 1,2,3,4,5,6,7
    its the very last part of this your tube clip


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    Oh yeah the def did Y.O.U., I got a video of Meth doin his verse like non stop flowin on it. By the time 4,3,2,1 came on I was already pretty blown. I dont remember Tonights Da Night

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    wooorrd only a couple more days im so fuckin hype i seen wu tang in NY at rock the bells 07 an wu tang here in the norva in norfolk va, now meth an red in the norva cant wait the venue is small i got dinner reservations to a resturant connected to it so i get in early every show im always in the front smokin blunts an dappin them up hell yes!!!!!!
    lemme no if u no of any songs they performed that aint listed up here im tryin to be rdy for this shit

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    yo whats the name of this song after they do how high, they spart playing the beat
    cant think of the name to save my life


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    In my opinion they should perform 'Tear It Off'

    Aiiyoo.. flipmode,
    toilets bowls, exlpode
    when doc come drop a SHIT LOAD

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    yea they need 2 do more blackout songs, saw a clip of red doing da goodness

    an i think this might be that slow song about weed u was talkin about


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    Yeah stayblazin' that was it, I remember them turning all thier lights green when they played this song and talkin about keepin all drugs away from them besides weed.

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