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Thread: The Voynich Manuscript and The Codex Seraphinanius

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    Revelation 13: The English King James version Bible code - Part 16 - The Voynich Manuscript

    But here we will see what the King James Bible Code has to say about it.
    Using Codefinder software, I searched for Old Testament Bible Code matrices using keyword VOYNICH, in an ELS (skip) -10000 to 10000 search. I found the following three matrices.

    This first matrix was at Deuteronomy 17:15 - 33:29. It contains these words:
    -- VOYNICH (ELS=7624)
    -- CODE
    -- SOLVE
    -- STRANGE
    -- THE BEAST (in the Bible's Book of Revelation, the Beast is the Antichrist, the Son of Satan, who is prophesied to rise to power as a Satanic imitation of Christ during the End Times in the future, before Armageddon)
    -- THE EVILS
    -- DEATH
    -- CURSED
    -- PLANT, A VINE (illustrations of plants are in the Voynich Manuscript)
    The next matrix was at Psalm 49:11 - 89:11, and it contains:
    -- VOYNICH (ELS=4132)
    -- CODE
    -- STRANGE
    -- GRASS
    -- BEAST
    -- THORNS (in the "Omen/Damian" movies about the Antichrist, the Antichrist is named Damian Thorne; also some plants have thorns)
    The next matrix was at Joshua 18:10 - Judges 4:24, and it contains:
    -- VOYNICH (ELS=873)
    -- CODE
    -- DECODE

    In conclusion, there are words appearing in the matrices above that may indicate the Voynich Manuscript does have a Satanic connection of some kind. And there also is a mention of plants (PLANT, GRASS, THORNS, A VINE), and the Voynich Manuscript does have illustrations of plants.

    Lets find the code Guys! "Voynich_manuscript"

    Did I not hear this before "elaborate hoax" so if you can not read it must be a hoax! Don't they apply the same to the Bible because they can not understand & read it?
    So they started very early with making up Hoaxes.
    So much for the professionals not that smart after all!

    The Voynich manuscript is a mysterious illustrated book with incomprehensible contents. It is thought to have been written between approximately 1450 and 1520 by an unknown author in an unidentified script and language.

    Over its recorded existence, the Voynich manuscript has been the object of intense study by many professional and amateur cryptographers, including some top American and British codebreakers of World War II fame (all of whom failed to decrypt a single word). This string of failures has turned the Voynich manuscript into a famous subject of historical cryptology, but it has also given weight to the theory that the book is simply an elaborate hoax — a meaningless sequence of arbitrary

    Cryptography has a long tradition in religious writing likely to offend the dominant culture or political authorities. Perhaps the most famous is the 'Number of the Beast' from the Book of Revelations in the Christian New Testament. '666' might be a cryptographic (i.e., encrypted) way of concealing a dangerous reference; many scholars believe it's a concealed reference to the Roman Empire, or more likely to the Emperor Nero himself, (and so to Roman persecution policies) that would have been understood by the initiated (who 'had the key to understanding'), and yet be safe or at least deniable (and so 'less' dangerous) if it came to the attention of the authorities. At least for orthodox Christian writing, most of the need for such concealment ended with Constantine's conversion and the adoption of Christianity as the official religion of the Empire.

    Thus, the official title of the pope is Vicarius Filii Dei, Vicar of the Son of God. (A vicar is a substitute in office.) A person’s number was obtained by adding the numerical values of the letters in his name, that is, the values of the letters in the Roman numeral numbering system. If the letter had no value, the value of zero was assigned. For example, the value of I is one; the value of V is five; and the value of X is ten. There was no “U” in the Latin alphabet; the letter “V” is the correct letter. (This is the reason why sometimes inscriptions on older public buildings use a “V” instead of “U” — for instance, PVBLIC LIBRARY.) The values of the letters of this name, Vicarius Filii Dei, add up to 666, exactly as predicted in Revelation 13:18!

    No other power which has ever existed has precisely fulfilled every one of these fourteen points of identity as does the papacy. No other power has ever existed that even comes close to fulfilling these fourteen points of identity from the pages of the Bible. There have been many attempts made to throw the onus of this prophecy away from the pope and the Catholic Church, such as fitting the nations of empire into a different sequence than history shows. Many ingenious schemes have been devised to show that this number, 666, applies to other men, but these schemes are an obvious attempt to sidestep prophecy.

    V = 5
    O = 1
    Y = 0
    N = 0
    I = 1
    C =100
    H = 0
    Voynich = using the top system resolds is No. 107
    Don't know if this is just stupid ore got anything to do with this?

    1 [Psalm 107 A hymn inviting those who have been rescued by God to give praise (Psalm 107:1-3). Four archetypal divine rescues are described, each ending in thanksgiving: from the sterile desert (Psalm 107:4-9), from imprisonment in gloom (Psalm 107:10-16), from mortal illness (Psalm 107:17-22), and from the angry sea (Psalm 107:23-32). The number four connotes totality, all the possible varieties of rescue. The same saving activity of God is shown in Israel's history (Psalm 107:33-41); whenever the people were endangered God rescued them. The last verses invite people to ponder the persistent saving acts of God (Psalm 107:42-43).

    2 [33-41] God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah in Genesis 18-19, which the psalm sees as the destruction of the wicked inhabitants of Canaan to prepare the way for Israel (Psalm 107:33-34). God then led Israel through the desert to give them a fertile land (Psalm 107:35-38) and protected them from every danger (Psalm 107:39-41).
    Psalm 107
    King James Bible

    On the other hand, Revelation 17:5 describes a harlot, who represents a false church and is the mother of numerous false churches. “And upon her forehead was a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH.”

    Thus we see that a woman in Bible prophecy represents a church.

    The chart below summarizes the basic keys to understanding Bible prophecy.

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    The Wikipedia article is one of the best readings on the Voynich out there


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    might wanna check out these books:


    The Voynich Manuscript: The Unsolved Riddle of an Extraordinary Book Which has Defied Interpretation for Centuries

    both books by the same author:

    Gerry kennedy and rob churchill

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    well no one knows 100%,
    if they did, then this shit woulda done been decyphered

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