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Thread: kanye... gonna get heat for this

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    Default Re: kanye... gonna get heat for this


    People who continue to complain about the infamous "Race card" don't seem to really overstand the pseudo concept made "realistic" of race.

    For those confused: we don't awaken in the morning..and look in the mirror and scream.."OH MY GOD I'M BLACK, THE WORLD HATES ME." "I'm going to pull out my RACE CARD TODAY."

    The problem is the following: AMERICA has made the concept of RACE an issue. Because whenever you have capitalism, you have classism, and whenever you got this caste systematical crap that is embedded deep in the roots of society..., you have racism. And when 8 out of 10 people across the united states absorb anything they hear or see on tv because they are too stupid and insecure to do anything other than that..., the "doctrine" spreads like infection...touching each and everyone's homes and minds...even the elite..who have continuously fueled this racial propaganda into the public like no tomorrow. And because of this racial doctrine and how it has spread...when you walk through the "front door" to your house..and into the real world, because of how saturated these dumb fucks are with it......RACE BECOMES A REALISTIC ELEMENT or FACTOR...within this environment. And it just so happens almost anyone and everyone loves to buy into it..and will treat people accordingly. This IS REALITY. Being BLACK doesn't got jack shit to do with anything in ALL REALITY....simply..you just have alot of extremely high standards to live up to..if you know anything about TRUE HISTORY..not HIS-STORY.. BUT, BEING BLACK IN AMERICA...., is different. AMERICA has MADE BEING BLACK AN ISSUE (do I REALLY NEED TO LIST OVER MILLIONS OF EVENTS TO PROVE THIS PREVIOUS STATEMENT?!?!?!)...since the Black people's "SECOND" visit as slaves.

    I don't know why mothafuckas forget the facts....when it comes to these type of discussions. The powers that exist right now...just 40 years ago at the most..had established an INSTITUTION that oppressed people of colour in virtually every aspect in life (academically, economically, psychologically, geographically, etc..etc).

    So no one is running off to the "race card," people are just labelling what is reality. ..especially in this specific case. And it is unfortunate the elite have made race an issue...a REALITY, but to completely disregard it (WHICH IS WHAT IN REALITY WE WOULD ALL LOVE TO DO) ....is to lose site of a serious and extremely detrimental problem here in America...that has to be rectified by BLATANTLY IDENTIFYING it and working from there.

    So get ya shit straight.


    SubliminaL tha 7th BorN
    SubliminaL thA 7th BorN

    "The truth that makes men free is for the most part the truth which men prefer not to hear.."

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    Default Re: kanye... gonna get heat for this

    Lmao! Kanye got some baws man. He just went up mad levels in ma books for real. Thats like some dude up here shoutin out fuck the Queen live on telly. Hahaha, mad Kanye. Rappers been singin these days, ass, drugs, ice, cars n shit. Kanye always had the messages, this is his greatest n it aint even a track.

    Dudes a legend man! lol. Wu needa do sumtin wit him.

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    Default Re: kanye... gonna get heat for this

    america or bush doesnt hate black people...i bet alot would of listened to kanye had he substituted "black people" for "poor people" cause in reality it is a CLASS issue not a RACE issue just so happens that most of the low class in N.O. is black so i can see why he sees it that way....bush doesnt hate black people or minoritys at that ...if your money is green thats the only thing bush is worried about...he put to many minoritys in office to labeled a racist...bush doesnt care about "poor" people not black people you fucking idiot kanye thanks for fucking shit up
    the corp is old

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    Default Re: kanye... gonna get heat for this

    I hope we see more rich black people doing something, usually its just talk. I hope i see Master P rollin' round in his No Limit Tank sayin' ugggh when he sees the death and destruction.

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    Default Re: kanye... gonna get heat for this

    chaos is a spreadin

    hold on to your dirt
    your mother's dick

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