It comes on November 30th but a preview of the show is gonna be shown on Thanksgiving day after The Jacksons An American Dream movie. 80's r&b group Debarge is gonna be shown and talked about. I guess the show is a documentary about r&b singers from back in the day. It's gonna come on at 7pm next Thursday and i'm gonna watch it because i liked Debarge when i was a kid. I got a couple of their albums. The woman in the group who's name is Bunny was a cutiepie back in the day. I read a article about Debarge last year in Ebony or Essence magazine and a few of them were former drug addicts and El Debarge who's the lead singer has about 12 kids his mom said hahahahahahahahahahahaha. El looks pretty bad now. He hasn't aged well. Janet Jackson's ex husband James Debarge hasn't aged well either.