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Thread: Help concerning ps3 and tvs

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    Default Help concerning ps3 and tvs

    When I get a ps3(getting it soon) and I play a movie(Blu Ray), will the tv adjust to 1080p if the tv itself is 720 and if yes, would it look the same if the tv was originally 1080.

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    It depends on your television and your PS3 settings.

    I have my PS3 set to display in 1080i. My television (Sony Wega) does not support 1080p. If I wanted too, I could set my PS3 to play in 720p, but it looks great in 1080i.

    If your television can only handle 720, then when you first hook up your PS3 with your HDMI cable, it will ask you what you want, probably 720i or 720p. I would go with 720p.

    However, if your television supports 1080p and/or 1080i (check your manual) then when you first plug in, you'll have that option for 720ip,1080i,1080p. It should play your blue rays in which ever mode you chose.

    As far as looking the same......

    1080i and 720p depends on your television. Some televisions can will look jagged in 1080i. In that case go with 720p. 1080p is the superior resolution over both 720p and 1080i.

    Any games you play will automatically be adjusted to the optimal solution that they support. For example I'm set in 1080i on my PS3, but Turok plays in 720p, so it'll adjust automatically just for playing Turok. This just my experience, there my be other setting you need to configure with your television.

    Anyone step in here an correct me if I'm wrong.

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