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Thread: if u got ballz holla

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    EMCEE killah sixnity's Avatar
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    Mar 2004
    Lagos, Nigeria
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    Post if u got ballz holla

    am r steal ur mic if u aint holding it right
    and den bang ur wife if u aint bangin r right
    worst of all am r do it in day lite
    cos Sixnity yo dont give a fuck....rite
    write rhymes non-stop cos my heart cant stop
    beatin... my limit aint d roof top
    reachin 4 the stars till God says wats up
    Jesus Christ this is real hip-hop
    our boi Sixnity is as dope as us
    and d industry thinks the boi is high on drugs
    but am just as high as d rest of them
    and as bad as d worse.............
    yo am kick rhymes like a bad ass
    yall give head kiss ass n wipe ass
    dats y ur mouth stinks of d shit dat u spit
    so u aint nothing but a bitch 2 me
    niggaz say trouble and i say comin
    niggaz say battle and i come runnin
    it dat raw hardcore shit bangin at ur door
    open up its a 44 point at ur jaw
    my rhymes keeps runnin i gat a full tank
    crash land on this forum like an afghan
    so pay close attention u meet see this once
    flos come in pro-sound
    the bomb blast...da emcee killah
    saving my next flos 4 ya suckers

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    this dudes rejected by women cuz his african cocks small
    thats why he says only holla back .. "if you got balls"
    my theory is clear... this fool is merely the nigerian queer
    ill take him out while the entire corp is cheerin me beers
    lets be serious here.. im freestyle typin, aint even tryin
    while this geeks writin like he's in a coma.. homies 'only lyin'
    talkin bout his forty five spittin ..this corny guy is finished
    witness six eatin up in 8 lines... and less than five minutes!!

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    frieza saga oDoUoSoKo's Avatar
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    Dec 2004
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    time out king shyt, gotta shut this fool down.

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