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Thread: Formula for the cure

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    what do ppl think of this disc? obviously it has abit of old material on it, but sum classic tracks. sunshower is all i need to say, would anyone else agree, one of the best wutang moments? its easyly one of my fav tracks eva, along with twelve jewels, this is why i rate the rza higher than any other mc. also listen to the beat on the interlude wif meth on track 15. other 5/5 shit is the song with cappa (track 19 i thnk) and track 27, which i guess will be completed on the full version. this cd is q shit, to me moments on this cd is wutang at its greatest. no doubt.



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    i think its ill....he cooda defly put some more shit on there but thats one of my fav Wu cds nonetheless.......jus makes u hungry for The Cure..

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