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Thread: Food For Thought _THE ONSLAUGHT

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    Default Food For Thought _THE ONSLAUGHT

    Itís a three course meal
    its a free corse for real
    food for thought? Huh whatís the deal?
    you bout to get fucked
    you best be on the pill
    my style u don wan t
    itís sick like the planet
    my seeds are of metaphors N prose
    werz you garment
    you bleed on penetration I suppose
    itís all apparent
    youz a virgin itís a burden
    Hell is no heaven
    Impregnate u wit strokes of skill
    in this field..i rose i yield souls of foes
    u can remember the past but not the future
    so remember at last ....i am your tutor
    i am Clark Kent and u trying 2 be Luther
    U better off jerking off than fking wit me
    bwoy 22 is no nine or 4 u can clap Britney o Whitney
    in the slums u fall trust me the hood is witme

    Food for thought...
    you not ready for lyrical onslaught

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    Yo Dont Think This Cat Can Reply But If You Feel Like
    You Wana Battle Me Please Feel Free

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