This is a verse for my friend Ricky Brown, an African-American student who came to my high school from a really bad high school in an impoverished neighborhood called Maywood outside of Chicago...Ricky got unjustly kicked out of school because of where he came from...

Yo, this is some shit I had to get off of my chest
Segregation still exists for those who donít know it yet

Jobs donít run background checks on River Forest kids

But if youíre tan-faced they runniní to get files from Central Intelligence

This is living proof for those who think Iím a fool

My mans Ricky was beiní too black so they kicked him outta high school

That might just be my perception but they didnít even check his record

First offense, zero tolerance for black kids with protection

Imagine if it woulda happened to me, I wouldnít have gotten expelled

Maybe slapped on the wrist and back in class before the lunch bell

Just as well, he did have a blade inside of his jeans

But anybody who knew him couldnít say he would use it fiendishly

Board of Education is patiently waiting to kick him out for good

Just cuz he went to Provisio East and lived in an impoverished neighborhood

What the fuck is this? Land of ignorant greed, home of the slaves

Cuz theyíve already deported anybody who was truly brave