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    Default The Gallery

    Welcome To
    The Gallery

    You Heard No Steps Because There Were None...
    Like INS Swift'N'Silent You Could Say I'm Sylaresque
    Taking Heads With My Index Without Pulling Tech's
    ....And Searching For Claire This Is My Only Care....
    But She Knows To Beware 4 I Behold True Dispair
    Unlike Other Cheerleaders I Know What Her Secret Is
    Silent Exquisite Lyrics Like My Tongue Is Featureless
    And I Use Immune Devices That Cause Crisis & Panik
    Tactics Like Inspector Gadgets Mixed With Black Magic
    And It's Tragic How I Fill Cemitaries With Consiglieres....
    The Middle Men Get Vaxined And Placed In Quarantine.
    Try Survive And You Will Hear The Holiest Of Hymns....
    Like When The Cherubims Start To Play The Violins.
    Running From Death Just So You Can Chase Tomorrow
    When The Footprints Established Vanish In The Snow
    Thats When U Know Your Time Is Up All Out Of Luck
    Surrounded By Darkstalkers Wish You Were Nightcrawler
    To Disapear & Be Safe In What Should We Place Our Faith ?
    Packing Gats Or Bombing Facts...A Giant Or Jack ?
    I'm Here To Expose 7-Headed Dragons Like Tearmat
    Dungeons & Dragons You Can' Phathom Let Alone Imagine
    A Rocking Chair Moving By Itself Is Bad For Your Mental Health
    Define Knowlegde Of Ones Self ? Bad Hand You've Been Dealt
    When I Shine On The Mic Ya'll React Like Gizmo Does To Light
    So You Become Hellbound When This Bloodhound Bites Down
    You'll Cease To Hear Sound Concrete Room Never To Be Found
    And All You Heat Holders With The Brimstone Oddur Smoulder
    I Be Cold Like Yoda Using The Green Light Saber To Invade Ya
    A Darkside Assailant With The Force Thats Greater Than Vader
    Imagine A World Where The Birds Don't Fly & The Dogs Don't Walk
    ....And Only The The Ones Who Have Something To Offer Can Talk
    My Mind Wanders With The Beyonders Diamond Wire Metal Conkers
    The Crazy Thoughts I Wield While Lying On The Fence Like Garfield
    Oh....And In The Winter Time We Go Walking In The Fields
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