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From A Commander To A Slave, My Name Will Be Ingraved And Displayed
In History Books, Beyond The Work Of Crooks My Life Was Left Shook
Wife Left Hanging Like A Fish, On A Cruel Fishermans Hook
The Branches Of My Family Tree Were Ripped And Severed
Left In A Crypt But Forever Remembered
Those Responsible Will Be September 11th'd
I Carved A Boulder Into A Ring Holding A Rose I Propossed
No Regrets Only Wish I Done It Sooner...
You Could Say I Made The Ring Rock Like Yokozuna
For My Queen Was As Beautiful As Athena, Why I Black-Out In Arenas
To My Opponets I Stand Taller Than Godzilla Surronded By Stone Pillars
ODB Lied About Ghostface Killah, I'm The One Thats Iller...
Like A Deadicated Binge Drinker, Strike With The Force Of Silverback Gorillas
Speak Wise Like Master Splinter Ninja Blood Spiller With The Speed Of A Cheetah
When You Come Into Contact Your Brain Will Be Beneath Ya-
Like Playing Chicken With A Rhinosaurus, Your Left Ruined Like Galapagos
Snap Your Back Like The Jaws Of A Hippopotamus Your Arsenal Is Monotomous
Your Facing The Mind Of Sylar I Walk With 10 Men Friend, Ain't No One Stoppin' Us
The Dark Ghost Phantom You Can't Phathom Reside Inside Insanity's Sanctum
Haunted Like Luigi's Mansion, We Leave You Scarred Like Alan Hansen
Blaze Phat L's...You Smoke Thin Joints...I'm Contensious, No Repentance
Pin-Point On Every Sentence, I Recontsruct The Death Of Isaac Mendez
The GFX Apprentice With A Brush I'm Relentless
With A Pen I'm A Section 9 Representative, In My Element When Displaying Penmanship
The Sands Of Time Swirl As I Recite My Rhymes The Time Taveller Of Section 9
Define The Meaning Of Turn Back Time And Undermine Those With Weak Spines
I Climb To My Feet For I Know Not Defeat, I Remain True To This Promise I Keep
So As My Bicep Flex, I Will Have My Vengence, In This Life Or The Next