I'm A Firebeather....
My Disturbed Words Yern To Burn Dragon Ether
That Scorch Rocafella Leaders Tryna Decieve Us
Innocent Bleeders With Rorschach's Facial Features
The Keepers Of The Light & Holders Of The Secrets
Sunset Procedures True Vampires Retire You Leeches
Sick Diseases Catching My Lasers Like Wide Recievers
Hold The Middle Ground Operating Purgatory's Leavers
Patiently Waiting....Staying On Your Toes Like
And Loose Your Religion Like REM & The Eclipse Of Jesus
Zanpoktou Sever The Flesh Of These Nightmare Creatures
Dreaming Humans Consuming School Pollution Plane Stupid
I Learned Elusive Movements To Avoid The Arrow Of Cupid
And Although His Aim Missed This Love's Putrid Wish Persist
So I Try To Keep It Mellow But In The End Just Can't Resist
Sickness Inflicted My Eyes Bleed While Glowing In The Mist
And Attack That Bitch With A Sith's Witterquick Swiftness
It's Best To Sign Your Death Wish Once The Section Assist
With No Reflection I'm Awaiting My Inevitable Ressurection
Untill Then I Rejoyce With A Silent Voice In Sanctuaric Zen
Where The Essence Of My Soul Finally Trandsends My Pen
Marking The Sacred Day When I Fly Once Again Unchained
And Unscaved From The Scars Obtained That Black Day
But So Just Know This Though That I Am Here To Stay
Because Trust Me The Nighttime Is On It's Way....

Goddamn Son!!