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Thread: Whats up with Bronze??

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    Wu Stoneman

    Default Whats up with Bronze??

    Wassup with Bronze Naz?? One of the most consistent out there, every beat has been quality. I see he got 5 joints on MK new shit, but what else he been doing whats up with Great Migration? We need a interview!

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    Default Re: Whats up with Bronze??

    i don't really know how consistent he REALLY is, cause he's not very catalogued, he'd done nice work, and the new mk shit will probably be his biggest works to date...if he pulls off those 5 joints i'm sure we'll be seeing more of him around...

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    Default Re: Whats up with Bronze??

    he's got an album coming out on babygrande... dont know if that album is supposed to be the great migration
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    Default Re: Whats up with Bronze??

    Bronze got 5 tracks


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    Default Re: Whats up with Bronze??

    I'm sure Bronze is hookin MK up with some smooth shit. No doubt in my mind. I'm looking forward to those 5 tracks right there.

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