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Thread: Liquid Swords : best album of all time ?

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    Default Re: Liquid Swords : best album of all time ?

    To me, it's the third best rap-album ever. My list look like this:

    Top 3

    1. Ready To Die
    2. Illmatic
    3. Liquid Swords

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    Default Re: Liquid Swords : best album of all time ?

    prob my perfect album, this shit is so dark, tht is wot i expect from the wu, rza and gza on top of ther game. duel of the iron mic, 4th chamber, it does not get anybeta than tht shit.


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    Default Re: Liquid Swords : best album of all time ?

    Its funny to see so many GZA related posts, since the leaking of some of the Grandmasters tracks.

    No hating..as GZA is dope as hell, and extremely underrated.

    But best album of all time??? Not even close.

    Liquid Swords is an amazing album. Lyrics AND production wise, but seriously....when did you start listening to "hip hop" ??

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    Default Re: Liquid Swords : best album of all time ?

    In hiphop, to me, the wu is as gud as it gets. liquid swords is my fav album. tht is tht. It is the best album i have heard. im only young, i apologise for not hearning every album in hiphop history.


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    Default Re: Liquid Swords : best album of all time ?

    if we're talkin about quality of music then liquid swords if right up there, hell wu-tang might own the top 5.

    but usually when you talk about generally classic hiphop albums impact is highly considered. as impeccable an album is LS is, it didnt do shit as far as impact. its no more than just another sickass wu album. run-dmc's first album, its take a nation..., niggas with attitude, cuban linx, illmatic, ready to die, hell even supreme clientele did leagues more to change the game than liquid swords.

    but i've noticed that the thread starter didnt say "best hiphop album" he said "best album" which includes all genres of music. in that case any wu album is just a blip on the radar screen. any wu album may be in the top 1000...at the bottom half....maybe.
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