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Thread: Award Presentations (Offical 2008 poster awards)

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    Default Award Presentations (Offical 2008 poster awards)

    This is the thread that will be archived ni the classic section.

    Award receivers can choose to put a comment under their award(s) in this thread.

    After, I might add other award statistics to this thread.


    Props to the awards committee this year who is Pat Bateman, InspectahChek, The Silencer, and Myself. Other significant contributions from Prince Rai.

    General Award Category By Forum of Interest
    Wu-Chamber Awards
    Wu-Chamber Award (most interesting, knowledgeable, frequent poster in the Wu-Chamber)
    The Silencer

    Stanley S Stanford Award (For Excellence In The Art Of Stanning a.k.a. the die hard fan award) Maccabee Ridah

    The WTC Tribune award (Best Wu-album reviews) Hollow Dartz

    Wu-York Times award (poster who brings the best/most news to the Wu-Chamber) Jammin

    Stan Killah Award (Poster that shits on the most Wu-Stans) TGambino

    Hip-Hop Shop Awards
    Hip-Hop Shop Award (most interesting, knowledgeable, frequent poster in the Hip-hop Shop) Tauro da grim Latin

    Backpacker Award (poster that hates mainstream hip-hop the most) whers

    Dickrider Award (poster who loves mainstream hip hop the most) GHOSTLACED

    Sound Shack Awards
    Sound Shack Award (most interesting, knowledgeable, frequent poster in the Sound Shack) Infinity tha God

    8-Track Award (Most knowledgeable poster for older music pre 1970) Dusk
    General Chat Awards
    New Topic Award (best thread starter in general chat) CharlesJones

    Cubicle Award (best poster in general chat) ThaShaolinAssassin

    The Irondan Coolyism Award (Named after a former co worker of Big Ben) ThaShaolinAssassin

    Steven Speilberg Award (Best Home Videos) Skampoe

    Sports Zone Awards
    Sports Zone Award (most interesting, knowledgeable, frequent poster in the Sports Zone) HAN

    Box Office Hideout Awards
    Box Office Hideout Award (most interesting, knowledgeable, frequent poster in the Box Office Hideout) Tauro The Grim Latin

    RZA Award (poster who knows their kung fu flicks the best) 100pr00f

    Digial Underground Awards
    Digital Underground Award (most interesting, knowledgeable, frequent poster in the Digital Underground) Dusk

    Know The Ledge Awards
    Know The Ledge Award (most interesting, knowledgeable, frequent poster in Know The Ledge) Prince Rai

    Heavy Mental Award (poster who brings the most thought provoking/interesting topics in KTL) Prince Rai

    Skill Awards (most prolific skill in each category this year)

    Graphics Corner Awards
    Digital Science Award (best graphic artist) GFX

    Penmanship Award (best signatures, includes artist and who it is/was rocked by) GFX

    Temple of Darts Awards
    Liquid Sword Award (best poet) Prophet Piccaso

    Rhymer Award (member that posts the best rhyme/poem/lyric structure)Whers

    House of Flying Daggers Awards
    Duel of the Iron Mic Award (best text battler) Dusk

    Audio Booth Awards
    Award 1: Producer of the Year Lord Beatjitsu

    Award 2: Emcee of the Year Sinapse

    Award 3: Most Slept on Producer Conz

    Award 4: Most Slept on Emcee Sleep Sinatra

    Award 5: Most Improved producer 7thgrandmantis

    Award 6: Most Improved Emcee SKAMPOE

    Award 7: Best LP/Ep/Mixtape (2008) Iron Fingaz – Meridian Articles

    Award 8: Best Beat-Tape by Producer (2008) Lord Beatjitzu – Lords of the Lo-Fi: Kung Fu Theatre

    Other Awards

    Rookie of the Year Award (best newest poster that registered this year) Senator C. Palantine (aka The Wolf)

    MIA Award (biggest poster who keeps disappearing) CharlesJones

    Masta Killa Award (most underrated poster) 11th Chamber

    Johnny Blaze Award (biggest pothead) SKAMPOE

    Captain Morgan Award (biggest Alcoholic) Tonearm Terrowrist

    Sonnage Award (best at sonning on WTC) ThaShaolinAssassin

    Junior High Award (best of the youngest poster under 17) Shizzah

    Pipe & Slippers Award (best poster 25 and over) Prolifical ENG

    Toni Braxton Award (sexiest female poster) MrsRzarectah

    Too $hort Award (biggest pimp on WTC) Graveyard Shifter

    One Hit Wonder Award (memorable poster who never posted often) Tony Bandana

    Pope of the Vatican Award (most respected Vatican member) Tauro Da Grim Latin

    Raekwon Award (best slang on WTC) SKAMPOE

    Best Thread of the Year Award (who made the best thread, post your link!) Inspectah Check - Wu-Corp on a Swarm... Plan take out Thisis50.com

    LMAO Award (funniest poster) ThaShaolinAssassin
    Sirloin Tip Steak Award (to the person who gets in the most beef) ThaShaolinAssassin

    The Fermi Paracocks Award (Most Annoying Beef) Prof Zooruka vs The Wu-Tang Chamber

    Pussy With Teeth Award (to the biggest hater on WTC) GHOSTLACED

    P.H.D. Award (playa hatin’ dickhead on the site) GHOSTLACED

    The D'allah (Dlah) Award (most annoying poster) GHOSTLACED

    Get A Life Award (poster with most posts per day this year) ThaShaolinAssassin

    Beer Bottle Label Peeler Award (most sexually frustrated poster) CharlesJones & Ironman
    Photobucket Award (Poster with the best use of expressive images in posts) Firm Handshakah

    Youtube Award (Poster with the best use of expressive videos in posts) SKAMPOE
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