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Thread: Little Brother - Minstrel Show

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    Ive only Dl'ed half (7-8 tracks), trying to keep some stff fresh for when I buy it. But Im lovin it so far. And maybe its not classic, but its nowhere near wack. Its nowhere near average either. Its pure dope.... so far atleast. Unless the other half I havent listened to is complete garbage, than yea, itll be that 4/5 that most people think it is. Btw, for the cover and tracklist, look in the Release Dates thread at the top of HipHop Spot. Im to lazy to get it. It drops next Tuesday!

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    Default Re: Little Brother - Minstrel Show

    its good

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bone Collecta
    YAll are wow. i cant believe you guys are actually being so stupid. this album is great and well deserving of a high rating 4.5 or a debatable 5 both the beats and lyrics are on point. yall need to listen to shit other than Wu Cormega and MF Doom. smh

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    i got the listening and this joint to and there stuff is great it's a different apporach about e'm nahmean

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