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Thread: Ghostface's "...wtf? lyric style"

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    exactly, thats the beauty of it
    live and learn, dont be a bitch

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    Suga Duga


    Quote Originally Posted by FiRe WaTeR View Post
    look, u gotta understand the styles. Thats Ghost's technique, he's spittin Darts. Thats means he flips everything, like "My arm's is candycanes." That means he gotta long and sweet reach. He makes u figure it out.

    Or, "Chop the O, sprinkle sum blow inside he optimo, swing the John Mackenroe." He cuts an O of coke, sprinkle sum in a blunt then swing the gun (Rachette, Tennis Racket.) DACIPHA NIGGA!
    listening to Ghostface is a lot of work, but it pays off - monster on the mic

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    Quote Originally Posted by FiRe WaTeR View Post
    Or, "Chop the O, sprinkle sum blow inside he optimo, swing the John Mackenroe." He cuts an O of coke, sprinkle sum in a blunt then swing the gun (Rachette, Tennis Racket.) DACIPHA NIGGA!
    nah i think swing the John Mackenroe means to "hit it" like Mackenroe hits a tennis ball-- as in, after he sprinkles in the optimo, he hits the blunt hard

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    most poems I have read dont make sense to me.
    "Borough hopping, copping bricks, bags, burners and kicks City slickers, circling the strip, working them tricks"
    -Rebel INS the GREAT!!!

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    [QUOTE=My First Timbs;166319]im really not sure, but this song is just too dope as hell to only read a snippet of it..

    Scientific, my hand kissed it <----I grab the mic with my hand
    Robotic let's think optimistic <---follow my futuristic flow with an open mind
    You probably missed it, watch me dolly dick it <---it flew over your head but watch me fuck this track

    Scotty watty cop it to me, big microphone hippie <----I need the mic like weed
    Hit Poughkepsie crispy chicken verbs throw up a stone richie <<<I dunno
    cop the "o", sprinkle a litlle snow inside the Optimo<----I put cocaine in my weed
    swing the "john mackenro" rap rock and roll.. <---my style is not accepted by the establishment like John Mackenros styles and Rock & Roll
    tighty bowl..gun hold pro..<---don't know
    starksy with the gum sole
    hit the rump slow
    parole kids.. here's rapunzel <----kids on parole escape the system

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    Could someone kindly tell me what the hell is going on here...

    It'z Yourz~

    "Check out my beaver, baby blue glock in the safe
    Seems Darthy and the God and get ski roll weight
    We hold a belt son, that's my word
    Spot a rapper run him down, throw him out in the third, yo check it
    I think like the man behind a register
    Evergreen smokin estates, rhyme and power made me treasurer
    With third down, six to go, flash his strobe lights
    I'm open, RZA hit me off lovely and I love him
    With root beer thoughts, here's a tennis court for your birthday
    The Babyface of rap, politic with Sade
    Avengin eagle crooks, rock the W in Spiegel books
    Anheiser Busch kings came through, and stopped your whole jooks
    Spitfire Kangols, watch Tony train a gang of hoes
    Painful like hearin the news, like when your man go
    Ends blow, windy at times watch the room sheisty girl
    Love to sit out this song, now watch your water break"


    "Avengin eagle crooks, rock the W in Spiegel books
    Anheiser Busch kings came through, and stopped your whole jooks"

    He is pretty intelligent for real, he clearly speaks in tounges reminds me a touch of Holocaust & U-God sometimes.


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    Cobra Clutch

    Aiyyo we dazzle off this bloody version of 'Glaciers'
    Slang shot threw a gem in his mouth, swallowed his razor (wsssht)
    Say no more, my back be parked against the wall
    Trooper square holding, 'Face don't give a fuck about the law
    Take off the bracelets, don't get blinded by the ice Boo
    It's not cool, Veronica slept, plus the decimal
    Look at my jumper logo look familiar? It's Power (Where is he?)
    Yo every fine snitch knocks an inch off Eddie Bauer
    Gucci sneaker rockin just another form of 'Chessboxin'
    No cock-blockin, supreme clientele, till I'm droppin
    Kangol slanted, Ghost'll ran with it, hippie hung-out
    Club bandit never empty-handed when I brand it
    Mark callin Austin, Mark callin Austin down in Boston
    Both of them dead, cop in the loft and
    big chain swingin nigga, Matchbox car drivin
    Street whylin, Role' with the four-finger glidin
    Watch him, scorchin with spells and top toxin
    Amoxins til the stock skyrocket, Bobby Mocassin
    Switched from Pert Plus, escrow on the side throw in sun trust
    Ghost'll keep shinin til the sun bust
    yo word up, born-to-be right behind the curtain with her nose out
    Sixty center get the Rover out
    Featherhead heathens, teethin on mic dicks
    When thy said, Let the kids die for your bread nigga!

    this one always puzzled me, but the video is hilarious
    They dont knock you for doin somethin smart, they knock you for doin somethin stupid, matter fact i might gotta take my shirt off

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shaolin Genius View Post
    personally i think in U-God's prime he was better than Ghostface
    Hell No!

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    ghost is that shit god.. you cats on here playin...


    check tha new hell razah too it's tha truth.. peep tha link..

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    Aiyyo, crash thru, break the glass, Tony with the goalie mask
    That's the pass, heavy ice Roley layin on the dash {"one"}
    Love the grass, cauliflower hurtin when I dumped the trash
    Sour mash surgeon, heavy glass up at the Wally bash {"one"}
    Sunsplash, autograph blessin with your name slashed
    Backdraft, four-pounders screamin with the pearly hats {"one"}
    Children fix the contrast as the sound clashes
    Mrs. Dash, sprinkle wit her icicle eyelash {"one"}
    Ask Cap or Pendergrass for backstage passes
    Special guest, no more Johnny Blaze, Johnny Mattress {"one"}
    Acrobat, run up on that Love Jones actress
    Distract the cat while I'm high sugar get a crack at this

    nuff said

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    Cats dropped some mad knowledge on this thread.

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    yeah I have a hard time understanding starks alot of the time
    Pass the bone, kid pass the bone
    Let's get on this mission like Indiana Jones

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ronin View Post
    he spits shit that rhymes, im sure he can relate to it...but unless we know his colloquialisms then we cant understand

    lol since the early 5 elements days wu nuthuggers have tried to attach deep meaning to random rae and ghost lyrics
    i know this is an old post, but i never liked ppl who didn't understand that there are many rappers out there who have sh*t loads of knowledge...not to mention, alot of those rappers can spit about the knowledge without even having to bluntly say it (*cough* *cough* being coded in the slang they use...)


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    I dont care much that I don't understand alot of ghost's rhymes, all i know is that it makes sense to him...& that's ill..to rap about stuff people can't relate to and still keep them interested..his delivery is amazing.

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    I think I enjoy listening to his lyrics more than any other clan members bar Raekwon

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