Heretic Skeptic : Apoptosis

On freshmen approach, to an album independently floating in the midst of a stagnant mainstream record pool that’s funky in a bad way, Skeptic escapes freshmen day unscaved, posing as one of Hiphop’s many unearthed super-seniors. Track List

1. Catacomb
2. Mr. Liquid
3. Frankenstein Curse
4. Supreme Alpha
5. Wisdom
6. One Shall Stand feat. Sponge and Tracey
7. LOAD B (Last Of A Dying Breed) feat. CARDiAC Play : Download
8. Slave Trend feat. Non-Specific
9. That Raw Vibe feat. DJ Who Play : Download
10. Fade To Black feat. Grizz Play : Download
11. P.roper E.ffort A.llows C.rafted E.xcellence

*Bonus Tracks
12. Time feat. CARDiAC
13. Final Notes feat. FU Standstill
14. Bitter-Sweet feat. Loogie Howser MC

Production Credits
Tracks 1-8, and 10 produced by Ire Flux
Track 9 produced by DJ Who
Track 11 Produced by Infekt
Bonus Track 12 produced by Pusherman
Bonus Track 13 produced by Kwotableone
Bonus Track 14 produced by Grizz