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Thread: I'm Purple

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    He's the one in the middle.

    Found this gem also.

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    No, faggit, he made the whole picture orange, faggit.

    It's in the profile thread, faggit.

    Get your supple bottom lip over there, faggit.

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    Middle? Left or right? hmp cock menu ehh?

    UGH, He should post it. He has so much to say about me looking old. Show me how young and hot you are Senator.

    You sound like you are one of those boys that are bitter cause you could never get the pretty ethnic girl. Now you're dumping your unfounded self hate on me. I've written short stories about boys like you.

    CONservative goverMENt

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    Do you honestly think Im serious, faggit?

    Im joking, faggit.

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    and you're chubby? lol

    Joking is 2 or 3 times, thats all you got. You come with nothing else. Wait you also have a double chin but I don't think thats funny.

    CONservative goverMENt

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    I want steak.

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    Why the middle?

    Theres only 2 people?

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    hahah he looks like hes got a liver infection.

    yellow nigga, get your fluffy ass haircut yellow nigga

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    I think that your buddy is nuts and the implication could be that you're the dick in the middle. I could be wrong though.

    Hair? thats the least of his worries.. look at his eyebrows.

    CONservative goverMENt

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    haha at people still ragging on Palantine for getting a fake tan on holiday.

    Give it up doods, this guys had it already LOL.

    Give the guy a break LOL

    Actually.... NAH ahahha, let him have it lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ilzPotent View Post
    Cept I don't have those. I'm Puerto Rican, I don't think we get those. My mom is 63 and she doesn't have wrinkle or vericose veins. Besides is that all you got? No other type of joke except calling me old? I could understand if I never posted anything this close up.

    No wrinkles, as a matter of fact, I am pretty easy breezy beautiful on some covergirl shit. No makeup either. It make TSA's old joke and your dickriding pretty lame. Come original. Tell me I look ethnic. Make fun of my supple bottom lip. Say I have frog eyes. .... You got nothing? Lame fag. Post your pic. You're probably a skinny acne ridden nerd.

    lol.easy breezy cover girl....aint heard that one in a while.......

    that supple bottom lip is quite sexy I must say.......

    and the eyes are like pools of seduction.........

    Illz you put most of those cover girls to shame....trust....

    and before you fellas get your panties in a bunch, I am just showing some internet affection to a very beautiful Boricua, one worthy of carrying on the
    Taíno heritage.

    you guys are lucky she does not put on her warface and start scalping some of you dudes..........

    click the sig if you vatican status

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    I'm rude to alot of people. Not really to Senator though, I really can't recall ever joking on him. He picks on me like I ignored him in kindergarten.

    I'm annoyed at his lack of creativity. TSA calling me ugly or old is a joke, I mean, have any of you ever really looked at him? I know its horrendous, I look away eventually too, but to constantly use his lame joke to diss me is wack. Be creative. Photoshop me with a fucking poncho and call me ugly betty. Just be creative.
    Last edited by ilzPotent; 01-13-2009 at 11:30 AM.

    CONservative goverMENt

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    John W. Henry
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    tsa called someone ugly? hahahah

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    That fake tan was expensive.

    Shit is gully.

    Pat, can you get radio 1 i player over there?

    Im listening to The Prodigy from last night. Mef, Bloc Party, Public Enemy.

    Shit Is Real.

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    i always thought senator was the one on the right
    Look eye, always look eye.

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