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Thread: 2 Years...

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    Default 2 Years...

    woah i just realized... it's january 2009... my join date is january 2007!
    know what that means? i wasted 2 years of my life being a member of the wucorp!!!!

    maaan... i get sentimental... i look at all the threads, all the people here... all my friends, my ninjas, my foes, the samurais, and my foes who are samurais...

    i don't regret it... it was mad fun. all the stupid arguments, all this nonsense, all this faggotry, racism, sillyness and wu-tangity combined in one forum...

    it was great. and it still is great. and it will be great.

    god bless the queen

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    i prefer Rule Britannia
    Look eye, always look eye.

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    Good luck with everything.
    Loyalty is Royalty. Strength and Loyalty

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