After listnening to Ghost on Wu Ooh, obviously the first thing i was checking for wasw the Trife connections. Theres alot of lines possibly shoud be credited to Trife. Theres too many sports references in Ghost's recent verses, that were never really there before. Trife is a big sports fan, and often includes sports similies (see his track "NBA").

The trife lines in there were -

"real niggas get murdered up,
the streets is like radio b
so watch how we turn it up"

"yall planet of the apes standing next to king kong"

"im like urlacher, beastin at the top of the pile"

Trife's newer verses (which we here less of) are more and more like Ghost's newer verses.

Yapp City (Trife has the last vers)

Aiyo, we carry arms like a octopus
Shorty's strapped with the mac inside her pocket book
Blowing on lobster kush
Dark tints on the V so the D's can't spot the crooks
Just throw ya hands in the sky, don't try to stop the juks
Face down, lay on the ground, no sudden moves
Yo, then, take off his Timbs and get the work out his shoes
Rip off the pockets out his shoes, make sure he come out his used
I hear sirens, plus the cameras is watching, it's time to move
If you lolly-gagging, word to mama, I'll body bag 'im
Leave his frame riddled with holes, looking like Gotti had 'im
Bragging, juked, in the wagon, laughing
We slid a few blocks down, this kid was frozen
With stones so we decided to yapp 'im
I put the tool in his mouth, said "You don't want the action
These ain't E pills, nigga, these is fuckin aspirin
Bean, blast 'im, Homo' get his girl for his cash and
Yo, E, go stop the whip, they 'bout to witness a slashing" (BOY!)


If you are still denying this you are in serious denial or some shit, that verse is a near perfect fit to recent Ghost.

^NBA, its an old song, and not a great example of his current style, but its a easy example of how good Trife is at using similies.

^LISTEN TO HOW TRIFE FLOWS ON THIS ONE. Trife is 2nd up. He structure is identical to Ghosts recent verses.