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Thread: LA The Darkman - Heist Of The Century

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dusk View Post
    people seem to forget, when rating this album, that lyrically, it isnt over average.
    truth be told, LA The Darkman is dope but he's just above average. He's as overrated as Reggie Bush is in the NFL.
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    I'mma have to disagree. LA came dope lyrically.

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    LA is not the deepest emcee but he brings across great wordplay despite the subject matter.

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    anybody who say La The Darkman is average on the mic should listen to "Polluted Wisdom". sure he ain't too complex but his flow is there and he is sharp at telling vivid street-stories.

    daily updates: news, articles, reviews, the best compilations on the net. that true skool street hop!

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    Fuckin masterpiece, classic!! Plenty classic jointz, production on level, & I really like LA'z lyricism!! Gotta vote for Classic!!!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Hollow Dartz View Post
    I'm waiting for dinner so why not do a review. Plus I haven't reviewed in a while.

    I would like to say when I first got this I was like...This shit not nothing special, but as time went on I was starting to like this album more and more...

    1. Lucci
    I like this track, nice opening track for an album. It's a banger, especially in ya car. Nice bass and the beat is hot. LA is spitting real nice on it, kinda an album preview. 4.5/5
    2. Shine
    This is an ok track, it kinda got annoying after awhile though. Beat isn't all that great even though the lyrics are dope, it's not enough to stop me from skipping the track. 3.5/5
    3. City Lights
    I first heard this track on a mixtape, I like this shit. LA is painting a nice picture right here,showing that he can step up to the plate. The Beat complements LA real well. 4.5/5
    4. What Thugs Do
    Mediocore. I never liked this track at all. The beat is wack so is the hook too. 3/5
    5. Heist of the Century
    I expected better, the beat isn't what I expected. LA and Sin are ripping it, but I would've preferred a different beat. It's still a banger though. 4/5
    6. Fifth Disciple
    This sounds like some classic Wu shit. Beat is classic, LA is on some other shit "It's surprising, how I throw lines like Joe Theisman / Franchisin, then pose for the rap Heisman" WHoaaa...Short and Sweet 5/5
    7. Now Y
    This shit is nice, straight up east coast street shit. La has a voice that when he projects his voice it sounds real fluent. Beat is real dope. 4.5/5
    8. Spring Water
    Maybe cause this a Raekwon featured track, but this is hot to me. Real smooth track. Beat is nice and smooth. A nice video for it also. 4.5/5
    9. 4 Souls
    I love this, it's like they both in the booth spitting dartz battling it out with each other, beat is crazy nice too. The guy Shotti isn't wack either. 5/5
    10. Street Life
    La is going off on here, let me see "Niggas can't afford this, my queens look gorgeous, I think eating swordfish, Surrounded by 20 men cold-blooded as a amphibian,In the Benz puffing trees straight from the Caribbean, it's Darkman" That shit was crazy....Tekitha is nice on the hook. Beat is something new to me. 5/5
    11. Love
    I like this track, some deep shit spoken by LA "I look into ya eyes and get hard" I can feel him on that tip, that's how I felt about someone before..lol. It's all good though. 4.5/5
    12. Figaro Chain
    LA may murder Havoc on the lyrical tip, But Havoc Murders this beat...I love how the beat just rides out, I remember playing this track in the summer nights pulling off when the light turns green as the beat rides out...classic 5/5
    13. Polluted Wisdom
    I like this shit, great storytelling, Rza beat is real nice, I can imagine this shit in my head clearly... 4.5/5
    14. Gun Rule
    La is keeping it raw, nothing else to say... 5/5
    15. Element of Surprise
    Uhhhh it's an ok track. Masta Killa has the best verse. I'm not feeling U-God on this one, and the beat is kinda annoying... 3.5/5
    16. Az the World Turnz
    For you Raekwon haters Eat a Dick. They both spitting about ligfe and shit, smething calm and smooth to chill out to. 5/5
    17. Wu-Blood Kin
    I love this track this is some of the best shit I heard 12 o clock spit, LA is still painting vivid pictures with ease, I love ghost on the hook. 5/5
    18. I Want It All
    Nice ride out beat right here with the sun going down, Very smooth laid back beat, nice outro...4.5/5

    One thing I don't like about this album, is that damn talking at the end of some of the tracks, really don't feel like sitting through all that for the next track.
    Beats: 4.5/5
    Lyrics: 5/5
    Overall: 4.5/5 Superior ****Certified Wu-Classic****
    Element of Suprise just ok? Beat annoying???

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    Fantastic album. Lucci, Heist of the century and Polluted wisdom are all 10/10 tracks
    polluted wisdom would easily feature on a greatest ever wu tang compilation.
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    there are few bad songs, and few mediocre songs, but also lot of classics.

    City Lights, Heist Of the Century, Polluted Wisdom, 5th Diciple, Element of Surprise and I want It all are 5/5 tracks.

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    One of the great disappointments. That LA didn't follow this up with any more albums. High quality.

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    Classic album for sure.

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    This album is nothing more than a banger 7.5/10
    woulda been better if song arrangment was in a different order(thats when rza shoulda stepped in)

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    i feel like he was a very similar mc to prodigy in the 90s.......which is a good thing bc prodigy was top 10 in the 90s
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    Such a great, grimey album. 4th Disciple and Six July killed it on here! It's a damn shame Darkman 2 has taken as long as it has to come out. Any updates on that album?
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