this is the thread where i now tell you something about my weak spots.

sometimes i don't think before i say/write something.
sometimes i don't say/write what i'm thinking.
sometimes it lasts too long until my brain starts working.
sometimes my brain won't start working....

you know... i just use my brain when it's not important... it's difficult for me to concentrate on things that doesn't interest me. i just don't like it and so i don't want to waste my time with it. i have a great imagination and sometimes i begin to dream about being a ninja rockin' them samurais or havin adventures n cool stuff like that.

so i showed you some secrets of the ninja behind the mask...

dunno if somebody cares, but if not, it doesn't really matter for me. i just had some time left to write nonsense in some hip hop forums that are led by racists, e-fags and samurais