GHOSTLACED is the realest brummy aint shit funny,
Only White man who doesn't need cream when its sunny,
Cos dude's packing Melanin like it aint no thing,
Walking through forums letting his e-dick swing,
He brings the heat, the sonnage, on the Internet he's a king,
But on duh streets niggaz forget his name like ting-ting
Bitch is Sandler looking in the mirror and seeing Chapelle,
To many Popa-Wu interludes got his mellon on swell,
Angry at kids for wearing tight jeans and angry at his parents for giving him they genes,
Doesnt realise his just another angry white boy who hasnt grown out of his teens,
Sleeping in a coal bunkers, wearing over-sized jumpers,
Trying so hard to be black,
He jumps on hand railings to blacken up his ball sack