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Thread: Morales/Pacqiao Co-Headline

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    Default Morales/Pacqiao Co-Headline

    Is anybody else hyped to see some real fighters on HBO this weekend? Pac-Man is almost guaranteed a win, Morales will fuck up a capable opponent ( Raheem ) to set up a possible rematch between the two. Morales won't go down to 130 unless he fights Pacquiao on ppv for big $. After that, the lightwieght division is in trouble cause "El Terrible" is on the path for 4 belts in 4 divisions. Discuss amongst yourselves.........

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    Prince Rai

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    heyy benzo how u doin?

    man this weekend???

    haha gon watch it for sure...

    yap pac can do it now... should be fuelled by hunger to win this time and not that he doesnt have the talent he so much beter at timess... hope he saw his earlier faultts and can now elevate his game...

    peace ouuut

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    Default Re: Morales/Pacqiao Co-Headline

    what's up, man? to say pac-man is hungry is an understatement. he's gonna be like a starved bear on a rack o' ribs. remember how he was practically crying after the Morales whuppin? he'll be lookin for a quick devastion (like he did on Barrera) to shut up the critics. peace....

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    Hey what up guys. Pac Man is family because my fiance is filopino. Yo this sat it should be competative but the mexican and philopino should be victorious. Benzo I read that after Pac man, if Morales wins which I dont believe so, he is going up to 135 to fight the winner of Castillo vs. Corralles. Speaking about that fight, does anybody have that fight that can send me a link, My girl did not see the fight and she wants to see that fight before part 2. I would appreciate anyone that has the fight can post it

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    Default Re: Morales/Pacqiao Co-Headline

    That's what I love about Morales, man. He's always pushing to fight the top level opposition. A Pac-Man rematch will be dangerous but I gotta go with my man. I think Morales vs. either Castillo or Corralles will be fucking epic. Better than the Barrera showdowns, Castillo/Corralles 1, etc. I don't have the link to that fight bro. Try searching it on Limewire. And you know Showtime will be replaying that shit to pump up the rematch. Peace.......

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    Default Re: Morales/Pacqiao Co-Headline

    Thanks Benzo, I am downloading it. Yo I believe Pac-Man is going to take him out like he did to MAB. Yo yesturday on HBO 2 they replayed Morales vs. Berrara 1, WOW, yo I thought Berarra won but they gave the fight to Morrales. Yo both of those fighter are epic and I believe Pac- Man is the hardest hitter from all 3 of them. LATE

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    Ahhh.. Well, we shall see who's the hardest soon. Barrera's on a quick downslide, I think. Anyhow, I don't know which one you downloaded, but I'm pulling it down right now in super high quality video. It's on Limewire-search Castillo vs Corrales - VCD - BluntzRip
    I'm out-

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    Prince Rai

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    Default Re: Morales/Pacqiao Co-Headline

    Yo is it me or did Morales look like he does not belong in 135lb. Anyway my man Pac Man whipped ass. Also pacman should consider going back down to 126. Just because his power is of a 130 pounder does not mean his physic is 130 pounder. I love Pac Man and his performance was great. he looked like he can go 15 rounds easily in a championship bout.

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    Default Re: Morales/Pacqiao Co-Headline

    This is a sad, sad day for me. What's goin on Princerai and Sergio? Morales DID NOT look like he belongs in the 135lb. division at all. Man, it was a total shock to see him not even show up for the fight like that. I had a bad feeling when Morales didn't make official weight for the fight a week ago. Manny Stewart was spot-on when he commented on Morales being off balance and having no right leg power. When he fought at 130, his legs were springs. He stood flat-footed all night at 135 while getting basically outclassed. Hats off to Raheem, though. Pac-Man looked good but not as quick as he should have. I'm waiting to see who each of them is going to fight now.

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    Default Re: Morales/Pacqiao Co-Headline

    I'll be damned. Looks like Morales vs. Pac-Man 2 January 21st. I like that Manny is giving him the opportunity even though Morales had a poor showing Saturday. It's always about the $ though. Should have known better......

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