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Thread: Does anyone else always trip-out when they smoke weed?

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    Quote Originally Posted by food for thought View Post
    your thoughts are true

    when we smoke weed like we do all everyday, you get used to it and the high u get off of it is not the full effect of the weed.

    when ppl smoke once a week, once a month, they get the full effect of it, its like the first time you smoked weed, all over again. with the same effects.

    it is possible to hallucinate on it. wtf? does this really need to be discussed?

    getting paranoid is part of the experience, u just got to know how to control your thoughts and emotions.

    if u smoke regularly, quit for about two weeks, smoke a blunt and see what happens.

    its not for everyone. and everyone reacts differently to it. you cant say its impossible to hallucnate on ther. just cause u dont, it dosent mean its not possible.

    you people need to do some research or something

    Uh, yeah, that's pretty much spot on actually.

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    if its garbage weed and if the heads in ur cypher are garbage....yes

    which reminds me...

    time ta twig

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