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i don't know what its like in the canaries, muyayo, but on the mainland you can have a plant in your house as long as youre not selling or buying, just growin your own shit n smokin it with the homies

you can also have a "media-bola" (i know you know what that means) to each person in the household
waht´s up my brother !!!! yeeah !! in the canaries the shame, but the goverment is who decide if your plants are for your own use or your plants are for ilegal selling... you must defend that your plants are for your personal use, but the goverment have the last word... is fucking shit.

" ese caditano, tengo montón de colegas de la zona sur, de cadiz, granada, motril, malaga... etc porque tengo una tienda on line the semis y cositas para el cultivo xxddd "

Peace my friends !!! 1