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Thread: Ironically...A Bird Shitted On Me 2day...

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    i don't understand, how is it ironic that you got shit on by a bird? i don't see the irony.




    in my community - we use a slang metaphor for women who crave attention or in gringo language attention whore. WE call um BIRDS. Dirty skank suck and fuck fat layered 2 piece wearin chancleteras (pigeons). Fake designer wearin wannabee yet exotic lookin mirame broads (mocking birds). Poetry in motion full blown woman with who carries her own weight and originallity (dove).... and so on.

    When it comes to say...pigeons and mockin' birds.... i shit on um - lyrically/vocally/verbally etc etc...or jus use them for what their worth...pimp um, fuck um, dump um etc etc (much more rare these dayz.. the economy and the fact that alot more women are turning ghey, are ghey, or are about to be ghey)

    yesterday a real mocking bird shitted on me

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    LMAO!! bendito - I wouldve laughed but I definitely wouldve gave you tissue to clean it.

    CONservative goverMENt

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