Ya style ain't shit, I'll even tell ya mama/I eat MC's like I know Jeffery Domma/blow da booth up like da fuckin unibomba/then dip on da low and blaze a L wit Osama/Laugh at drama my heat handle dat shit/fake niggas make me sneeze, I'm allergic 2 bullshit/runnin 4 victory like dem kats in Glory/crabs B rattin like they tellin da cover story/got heat 4 that, plus da steel B cold/I bag a chick wit a azz like Beyonce Knowles/my name mean things, don't know u dumb/tryin 2 achieve da whole pie, can't settle 4 crumbs/on da ladder 2 da top, niggas sidetrack me/flipt da script just switched up my whole anatamy/no drama wit chicks cause da feel my gangsta/in a bind my metal jam, other choice is 2 shank ya/I came up in da dirty south/we put da chrome in ya mouth/jack ya shit then we out/have ya azz shook 2 even leave da house/frontin on my click and don't even know what we about/real talk, money over bitches/frontin on H-town, son my niggas leave ya in ditches/snatch ya azz up no ransom notes either/beat ya face worst than Ike beat Tina/tired of priks in my cipher take Fok 4 a joke/B hard 4 u 2 breath wit a slug in ya throat/2 at ya chest pussy, 1 more at ya dome/jeepers creepers music playing while ya dead in ya home/I keep it gangsta nigga!