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Thread: Ratio of Gen Chat and Wu chamber

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    General Chat Forum-For entertainment purposes only

    Wu Chamber- For news, comments, questions and entertainment only

    They're both great forums, in my opinion.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GHOSTLACED View Post
    How much of a loser do you have do BE to make a thread saying how wack KRS One is, on a HIP HOP forum, and have 25k posts on that hip hop forum.

    I mean, theres alot of famous 80's rappers you could choose to get mad at. But to choose the ONE rapper who is unvirsally the most revered and loved by all artists and critics as a definition of real hip hop, but you decide to say he's wack, "to be cool".

    And imagine if you did all that, while rocking a sig qoute boasting that you were the "BOOM BAP ERA OF RAP", that was made by another poster who engages with dickrubbing with you on a regular basis.

    And the, imagine, if you spent roughly 6 months of you life in one section of the forum purely for bashing everything releated to Cuban Linx 2, like obsesseing over how WACK cuban linx 2 is gonna be, telling EVRYONE that you are CERTAIN how WACK Cuban Linx 2 is gonna be, even laughing at anyone for getting EXCITED for Cuban Linx 2. And then, you hear a pretty mediocre mixtape track, that does even compare to previous Raekwon tracks like state of grace and Shawty Penelope, you hear this track, AND YOU CHANGE YOUR WHOLE "SCHTICK" BASED ON THIS ONE MEDICORE TRACK!!!


    The whole carefully obsesive charactwer you built for yourself as a general Wu Hater, Cuban Linx hater, RZA hater, was all DROPPED on one mediocre mixtape track.

    Real much??


    You have been the worst poster in Wu Chamber, Hip Hop Shop and especially Gen Chat for the last 3-4 months. How are you talking to ANYBODY in a grown-up voice?

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    i disagree with pat. when there's not wu shit this place isn't 'active' its just the usual suspects sticking around doing whatever, and after a long drought of wu shit it gets wack and unfunny my activity was about to drop dramatically the exact day Crim2 dropped, now im a fucking thread prostitute.

    as it gets closer to CL2 watch what happens, then months after it'll go back to sucking.

    ppl talking about blackula and poster styles as opposed to FRIZZO and WU.

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    Quote Originally Posted by STYLE View Post
    i know, dudes be wasting their time hanging round a site for a rap group who is 5%, dislikes white folks and reps a culture they have never even witnessed 1st hand.
    i just laugh.

    I laugh everytime you say "white folk" cuz it shows your age, nothing wrong with that. We all know they aren't 5%. Except 1.5 members and affiliates.

    I've personally and recently been in inducted into the culture whether I want to or not when attending award shows as a company rep. Shows that aren't open to the general public only artist or industry "folk".

    I just get my laughs at that upside down continent where Wu has never toured unless I'm wrong. I've at least shook the hand and spoke with the man my latest user name derives from.

    Over and Out
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