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Thread: phelps smokes weed

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    i dont agree with it but this is the society we live in.

    a society that is convince that weed is the devil and have parents who are too arsed to participate in their own childs moral and social development so they blame celebs for their kids growing up to be thugs.

    only in america.
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    kellogg dropped him today.

    sponsorship gone.

    said weed doesn't fit kellogg's image

    looks like i got a collectors item. cornflakes box w/ phelps on the cover.

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    I personally don't have a problem with smoking weed and may or may not be known to partake in it.

    HOWEVER, Phelps IS a role model, because he is making millions and millions of dollars to uphold a public image.

    I sure don't feel sorry for him.

    All he has to do is not get caught smoking weed, and this idiot couldn't even do that.

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    That sucks. In my opinion, Phelps should've known better to do something like that. Plus, who ever took that picture isn't a real friend. Someone wanted to see Phelps screw up and posting a picturing of him smoking weed was the PERFECT way to destroy his image. I don't think Michael Phelps knows who his real friends are. One of his friends were jealous of him and his success. Traitors.
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    or they just thought it was a cool pic of "mike tokin it" for myspace
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    i live in baltimore, phelps hometown... im so sick of hearing about this... he needs to decide what kind of life he wants. i hope he gives it all up and just decides to have a normal life... dude has plenty of $...

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