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Thread: can anyone confirm that "Nas Escobar" came from the wu?

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    [QUOTE=BronzearmzNYC;1477138]Uh, that is incorrect about " Joey Crack ". "Crack" is Fat Joes Tag name. Which he was using waaaaaay before he was rapping OK?/QUOTE]

    i already said that

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    SonicMod Yo Everyone! NAS is HERE!

    X-Coast Nas, what's your take on the alleged 2Pac
    conspiracy that suggests he's still alive?

    NAS So is Elvis.

    X-Coast Nas, what do you think about the East vs. West situation
    at the moment?

    NAS X- Hip hop is the most controversial music of the 90's. I am
    proud to be a part of it.

    Quif In NY State of Mind you say "beyond the walls of intelligence life is
    defined..." Is this referring to institutions such as schools or something
    else altogether?

    NAS It's really saying go farther with the mind than what you expect from
    the mind.

    podunk Nas, you are the only non-Wu-Tang member to have a Wu-Gambino name
    (Nas Escobar). I was just wondering how you first hooked up with the Wu,
    and whether or not you are going to be appearing on their upcoming album?

    NAS PO, I said Nas-Escobar on Mobb Deep's album with

    Sadie Who's your favourite rapper?

    NAS My favorite rapper is Rakim, Scarface.

    iLL-FLaV Do you like Wise INtelligent of Poor Righteous Teachers?
    Personally, I think the PRT album was the dopest of the year, tied with
    Roots of course.

    NAS I like Wise INtelligent's first album.

    HyPnOtIc NAS, how do u feel about the state of hiphop and where it's

    NAS I love hip-hop the way it is now. I think too many people wish they
    were rappers.

    trakmastr What do you think about other rappers thinking that you have gone
    too mainstream?

    NAS I love being the mainstream. Everyone else uses my style, everybody
    use's everybody's style.

    Quif Did you get the idea for "I Gave you Power" from OK's "Stray Bullet"?

    NAS What is Stray Bullet?

    iLL-FLaV A song by Organized Konfusion. Yo, you don't know shit about
    hip-hop, huh?

    NAS What is Organized Konfusion? I like the real music by people who I call
    survivors. Most rappers are happy for each other, especially my crew. We
    only understand survival.

    iLL-FLaV Survival? Ain't you livin' in a mansion in Long Island? What you
    mean survival?

    Jason Survive what? Were you guys in the war?

    NAS Jason, you wouldn't survive one second in my shoes and I'm going to be
    here forever.

    Curly Nas, you see yourself workin' with Q-Tip or Pete Rock again?

    NAS Yes, I love working with producers who I can learn from.

    Verbal Nas, how do you see your role in the advancement/recession of hip
    hop as an art form?

    NAS My role in the advancement of hip-hop is the title of my current album,
    It Was Written. And as it was written, it shall be done.

    Sadie Why don't you freestyle? We can hear you.

    NAS I love freestylin' only with my crew.

    Jason Did you do a song with Method Man, and if so when will we
    hear it?

    NAS No I didn't do a song with Method Man, but he's one of my

    podunk Are you going to be making any special appearances on upcoming
    albums? (for example, the new WU-TANG?)

    NAS Hopefully I will be making an appearance on the new Wu-Tang album.

    Verbal NAS, it looks to me that your album made hip hop recede in terms of
    what is expected from an emcee... You made a half-assed, monotonous,
    unoriginal album and claim that you love hip hop.

    NAS I love hip-hop. There are a lot of people who did like It Was Written,
    who do love hip-hop.

    Verbal NAS, why do you associate yourself with all that fake Big-Willieism,
    when it's all just Street Dreams from an overly active imagination?

    NAS Hip-hop was from imagination until the fans started getting too worked
    up about the lyrics.

    KEscobar Nas, all I want to know is when we can expect something from the
    Firm and if there will be any connection to the aftermath with Dr.

    NAS The Firm is coming soon in connection with Dre and some new mc's.

    iLL-FLaV Nas, you smokin from the pipe tonight?

    NAS I'm smokin' the pipe.

    iLL-FLaV ...'Cuz you don't seem like the same Nas that was on Illmatic.

    KEscobar Nas, don't sweat any of the punk shit that these people are
    writing. It Was Written was years ahead of it's time. Where did you get the

    NAS Yes, I'm sorry Babymind if you don't understand who Pablo Escobar was,
    who Fatcat was, out of Jamaica Queens in the 80's. I write for mainly NYC
    crowd, but love everyone who listens to what's going on in my music.

    Sadie Life's a beach and then you dive.

    NAS I like that, Sadie.

    Quif Any thoughts about being in the movies or writing a book?

    NAS I'm writin' book material now.

    cheeks What are your thoughts on Mobb's new album?

    NAS Mobb's new album is cool.

    iLL-FLaV Nas, why do many of your people connected with Mobb Deep
    name themselves after Italian mob leaders? Because mob leaders were very
    racist toward blacks. I know there's some headz named Scarface, Gambino

    NAS There's some Mobb people who run the record labels, racist or not, they
    pay the bills with livin' the fuckin' first millenium cricket-face.

    Verbal NAS, why do you choose to worship the same Mafia types who view
    Africans as "moolies" and "niggers"?

    NAS I worship mafia. I worship god. I worship weed. I worship love and
    happiness. I worship righteousness and my listeners.

    trakmastr Yo NAS you grew up just outside of Coney Island right? In the
    housing projects?

    NAS I did not grow up in Coney Island.

    Sadie Do you have a girl?

    Jason Nas doesn't have girls, he has bitches.

    NAS I don't have bitches, small gut. Don't be funny.

    KEscobar NASTRODAMUS - On The Message you say that "I never sleep because
    sleep is the cousin of death." What are you trying to say?

    NAS When you sleep you are at rest, you look dead the way cats resemble
    panthers, which make them family. Try not to sleep on your destiny.

    Verbal Why do you worship mafia, when it is a life of negativity that helps
    few at the same time that it hurts many?

    NAS I don't really worship mafia.

    KEscobar This summer you were featured on the cover on the Source which
    read "The Future of Hip Hop." Do you feel pressure associated with such
    claims, and do you feel proud to be in such a position?

    NAS Ten years from now, I'll still be performing so will every other rapper
    and there will be new rappers. What do you think hip-hop will be in ten
    years? The same way it is today.

    In some ways, I do feel like that I am the future of hip-hop. It is
    pressure, but the struggle continues.

    iLL-FLaV Nas, do you like Black Thought of the Roots?

    NAS Black Thought is coo. I like Method, Biggie, Mobb, Little Kim, Jay Z,
    snoop, 2pac... all the real ones.

    cheeks What type of cigars do you role blunts wit????

    NAS I roll Phillies, sometimes Dutch Maters.

    trakmastr What do you think of MAD SKILLZ from VA?

    NAS But I don't think of Mad Skillz from VA.

    Verbal Get back with Primo and Extra P. Get some new management and a new
    label. Get back to your old style. Maybe then I will regain any respect I
    once had for you.

    NAS I don't need respect. I need power, then respect. What is hip-hop to
    some of you guys? You probably think it's graffiti, rolling blunts.

    Sid Which part of the Oreo do you like, the cookie or the cream?

    NAS I am an Oreo, but I like what you would call the chocolate chip,
    because of my chipped tooth.

    KEscobar There has been a lot of shit talked about how your style has
    changed to fit the mainstream? Do you agree? Or do you think that is part
    of every rappers evolution? (e.g. Dr. Dre, Snoop Doggy
    Dogg, The Geto Boys, etc.)

    NAS Yes, I have changed to fit the mainstream in my own way, why not?

    KEscobar Is it to make money? Or for spiritual/personal/individual reasons?

    NAS I loved to rap before I ever knew what record sales were.

    HyPnOtIc In other words, hiphop is life. We live and breath hiphop. Yo,
    it's not about makin' money and who sold the most albums. It's about
    expression of one's mind, yo!

    NAS When someone is an entertainer, fans want one thing from that
    entertainer. Entertainers and mc's who have inspired me live in my heart
    forever because I have learned what it is on both sides of the fence.

    Ta-Daz NAS, What disc is in your player at home, right now?

    NAS The CD in my deck is Foxy Brown, that's the newest one I got.

    I'm about to be outta here, the shit was real funny... some new cool shit I
    don't get to do everyday. Ya'll be easy, one love.

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    lol Straight from OKP, right?

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    Nas said some dumb shit. Lol On the real, and I idolize this dude.

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