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Thread: TOO SHORT records...

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    Yo i have been playing GTA SAN ANDREAS and it has got me stoked on 1990's west coast Gangsta rap.......I have dusted off my TOO SHORT COCKTAILS album, and was blown away at the funk beats.....shit is dope.......in fact all TOO SHORTS records have great production.

    I was wondering if any real TOO SHORT fans could tell me what the best TOO SHORT record since he came back from retirement after the GETTING IT album......I know his best records came before he came out of retirement......but what is his best record since he came back? One that doesn't have many lame guest spots which he has had on later albums?

    ......I heard YOU NASTY is the best new school TOO SHORT, is that right?

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    Life is...Too short

    was that be4 or after he retired cause i liked that album

    still standin tall

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    Quote Originally Posted by Funk_Dock
    Life is...Too short

    was that be4 or after he retired cause i liked that album
    ya dude????.......I said after he put out the GETTIN IT album and he came out of retirement

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