This thread will be deleted very shorty so grab a pen and paper.

and let me show you the four*cough*five*cough* secret techniques of Gen Chat.

The most obvious and old is the ancient art of Eagle Claw. History says that this may not be as old as once thought but those who know better are very "tight lipped" about the subject hence current information is in-credable for lack of substance with paper work.

This Style since the oldest of the four, holds alot of respect and gratitude for the abilities it has provided for hungry minds, very acurate and subtle the 'claw' (as it as know by few C.L.A.W.) style has become almost tradition (almost) in the corporations history, being passed down from generation to generation, but shrouded in a vail of secrecy.


The great art of Monkey/Drunken Monkey

This technique takes a special physic (that rhymes) only certin structures can handle the abilities of this style, Although its history goes way back its basic principles are very different from the norm, very acrobatic, nostrils and shock reliant, the user must portray himself and his kind as a joke almost (ref: drunken monkey) the style has no tradition and basicly no respect from the citizens because many monkey style verterans end up performing in the circus and not in the army/polce force.



legs legs legs, thats all i can say about this style, apart from monkey style this is the most movement based style branching with the longest and strongest limb the legs, able to destroy pillars with its secondary limbs it defeats most gen chat styles because its momentum, other styles have trouble keeping up.

newer but stronger than most.

elements of the tiger style are very important in some of the fighting styles of the present but few know the origins.


The "LAST" and most brutal of styles (IMO), most entertaining, most consistant is the snake style (o.k. its skampoe)

wiki ref : "Proponents claim that adopting the fluidity of snakes allows them to entwine with their opponents in defense and strike them from angles they wouldn't expect in offense. Snake style is said to especially lend itself to applications with the more traditional (heat) stlyle. The snake is also one of the animals imitated in many other area's of the internet. The sinuous, fluid motion of the snake lends itself to the practical theory that underlies the Brutal but secret martial arts.