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    Default Siris Trax Feedback 777777777777777777

    Yo, i appreciate all the possitive feedback that I'v gotten so far from many of you soulseekers. I'd like as much feedback as possible Plus im always lookin for new beats to smash. Check out some of my trax at my soundclick page...


    Peace to the Godz,

    Pharaoh Siris 777777777
    7 7
    7 7

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    Default Re: Siris Trax Feedback 777777777777777777

    Nice man, I like Pharoah Tearz, Sandstorm, and Dream a Little Dream, nice flow, but the audio quality was crappy on some of them.
    Do you make the beats too?

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    Default Re: Siris Trax Feedback 777777777777777777

    Yo, good looks hertzdeep. I sampled alot of stuff to make dream a little dream beat, but no, i need original muzic. im alwayz lookin for ill beatz. Im glad u were feelin me though.

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