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Thread: WINNER-->Eradicate Vs. BRock

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eradicate View Post
    sway sway sway sway sway...

    i saw you on a past battle of mine and i thought your feed was horrible if thats why you want to know... you want to sway that fine..

    your punches are horrible if there is any, you have no personals, you have no nameplay, and you barely flow half the time.
    Sway? i have no idea what you're talking about, seriously. And for someone who doesn't flow, i made your flow look like yesterdays garbage. Sure you got punches, but I heard them all before...nameplay? What i have to reference people to diss you? That's like a rule? You are seriously upset that I fucked you up aren't you. Guy who never battles gets challenged and pisses on a vet, now I know that hurts, but like I said, you win, if nothing more than to spare your fragile feelings. Sorry, i have to go now, I'm writing a lyrical novel and my attention is being wasted on this stupid nonsense.

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    but....before I go I just want to bring this up, you took the style of verse I had using your name a bunch of times and bit it in every single verse you dropped, now if that isn't the pot calling the kettle black, I dunno what is.

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    dude there would have been no argument at all if you didnt have to sway the voting after the match

    sway = talking negatively to oppenents verse

    and you can have the best flow in the world but, if it's not dissing your oppenent then theres really no point is there?

    nameplay = using a play off my name, sort of like a personal.

    either way punches, nameplay,wordplay, metas win battles flow is just for tie breakers
    I had no problem with you before this battle, you should of just let it up to the judges

    ok for you last comment, ya you said my name like 10 times but you didn't do anything creative with it. im not trying to hate on your shit man. i have't battled in months i just wanted a quick battle i was bored, and swaying is a big no no in battling.
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    Why is this so important to you? I really don't care, but if you wanna talk about sway, who said what first, lets see.....

    Quote Originally Posted by Eradicate View Post
    ^ wow what a bum forreal.. i hope we get some real voters in here when this is done,
    cause this is my last verse it stops here man..

    So personally calling the voter a "bum" isn't swaying? Seems kinda hypocritical now that you think about it?

    ...and you can call my punches soft left hooks or whatever, but at least I'm not tagging in Mike Tyson to throw uppercuts for me, which in essence is what you are doing robbing all those lines I heard a million times before.
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    ya your buddy sheep was swaying before the battle was over.. tit for a tat thats how it goes.. i got no problem with you lets just let the vote goes and good luck to you as well sir

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    I'm actually surprised Sheep didn't vote for you, you guys have similar styles and to be honest I think he hates my shit....pretty much everyone does.

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    lol their isn't any votes yet sire, last time i battled here it took me 5 months to get a result on the battle. thats why i really don't battle anymore. hopefully it won't take that long on this one

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    To tell you the truth, I have no idea how this works, I just did it because I was bored and nobody ever challenged me in a random pm. lol

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    flow - eradicate
    creativity - eradicate
    vocabulary - brock
    punches - eradicate

    my gos to - eradicate


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    first verses went to erad, second to rock, third to erad.

    over all, erad.

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    don't hate, congratulate..

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    just tryin to get some votes dusky.. =]

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